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  1. Man, so far these answers have been very helpful, so thank you very much! I'll probably head back to this post quite often to have it as a basis for all my planning. Also, Ken, your specific info from your travels in Japan is absolutely invaluable.
  2. Well, the meal itself could both have had a lot of gluten in it or a little, that's why I don't know. It was a fish soup, and I don't know if they reused a cross-contaminated pot or actually put in ingredients containing gluten. I had a reaction about 45 minutes after eating it. Figuring out...
  3. Hey! I've been diagnosed with celiac disease for about 10 years. I've traveled a lot (but only in the US and EU) after the diagnosis. I've been "glutened" once during these trips (it really sucked), and I honestly don't know if it was due to trace amounts or if it was due to a lot of gluten...