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  1. Last thing that i know the doctor said was that it was gluten sensitivity but he said it also could be that i was already on a gluten free diet .its very frustrating because it seems like the two doctors were saying two different things and i feel like i still don’t know for sure .i weigh a lot l...
  2. Yep exactly. And for instance i try my best to stay gluten free but i messed up and had a wheat sandwich and the lower right side of my stomach started to be inflamed and my anxiety and brain fog happened almost 5 minutes after but mainly if i accidentally eat gluten i will feel inflammation/anxiety...
  3. In 2018 i had blood work and a Endoscopy done and the doctor said i had gluten sensitivity but not celiac
  4. I recently bought l glutamine pills 1gram per pill and was wondering if it should help with inflammation due to my gluten sensitivity