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  1. Thank you so much! I've started a list, and was so frustrated with my regular physician because he wouldn't order any of the tests. I'm so thankful I found this website--so much gratitude for you!!🥰
  2. Ok, so I am just vain enough that I need to fancy up occasionally. I have been a Mary Kay customer for years, and they're not gluten free. So, I need all the recommendations. What products have you loved? Hated? I'm especially interested in concealers. eyeliner, mascara, lip stain, clear...
  3. My new hobby is researching gluten-free products.  Anyone else?

  4. Hello! I have my first post-diagnosis GI appointment on Friday. I was diagnosed with celiac disease via blood test, and DH. What tests do I request? What do I ask? I don't know enough to know what to ask. Thank you!
  5. It looks just like mine, only without the scabs from scratching!