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  1. “Just build up your energy levels and you’ll be able to overcome this disease.” A family doctor said this to me, I’m not even sure what that meant 😳
  2. Thanks ever so much Nikki and everyone else for all the support and expert tips! (I am currently memorizing my very own restaurant spiel that could come in handy later 😊)
  3. Yes, we’ve started doing that, but I still have to find a good bread/filler alternative for my 4 year old. She doesn’t like the gluten free bread, buns, pancakes or flour that we’ve tried so far
  4. Yes. My husband is a celiac and went undiagnosed for many years.
  5. Thanks everyone. We’ve stopped dining out altogether, but there are those rare occasions when you’re on the go, or you just want to go out and dine somewhere like regular families do! Life will be different with 2 celiacs in the family I know, and I’m still learning. Thanks again. Any tips for o...
  6. What are the best places to dine out when you have celiac kids?