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  1. Thanks! I have been trying to figure out if yams in corn syrup were gluten free all morning!! And with mini marshmallows (Great Value at Walmart) clearly states gluten free...Whoo Hoo! Oh, and the new Betty Crocker mixes are AWESOME! Brownies, Chocolate and yellow cake, and chocolate chip cookies, my hubby loves all of them ;p
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Well, we are still waiting for Pizza Fusion to open. I see that they are making progress, and will hopefully be up & running soon. Uno Chicago Pizza is ok, but the also have many other items that are gluten free, like salads & meats. We love Tony Romos...they don't have a separate menu, but we have had the grilled salmon, and grilled chicken breast with rice and baked potato with no problems. If you travel just down I-4 to Celebration (cute little town) We discovered a new england style bar, Celebration Tavern, no separate menu, but we've have the grilled chicken dinner with rice and potato with no problems! And it is such a cool place...you can eat outside, and enjoy the weather! Oh, one more we've discovered, Pollo Tropical...it's a southern chain, but we've had the chicken tropichop with white rice and no beans...my husband loves it, it's quick and inexpensive!
  4. We have tried Uno in Orlando, it's very close to Disney...it was so nice to sit and eat pizza as a family, even if it was only cheese! Pizza Fusion is opening later this month in the dr. Phillips area. We had it in Atlanta, and it is hands down the best!!
  5. I know this is a bit of an older, but I found it on a search, and have a couple of answers! First, Pizza fusion will open the last weekend in March, Dr. Phillips location...best gluten-free pizza ever! Also, we found Uno Pizza, it's located in the crossroads shopping area, near the entrance to the disney parks. They actually offer cheese or pepp, no pre-ordering, and several other menu items gluten-free, like steak and fish! They are also close to getting Redbridge beer to serve. We also found a place in the Dr. Phillips area, don't remember the name, it's a small place, they have gluten-free pizza, but can't put meat topping on because they are too close to the flour. We just moved here from Indiana, and love all of the gluten-free options!
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