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  1. Probably not! I could switch to better oats. If I remove them all the other breakfast options seem inferior! Do you trust the gluten free cereals more? She is very unhappy right now so I must have slipped up somewhere in the last few days 😂
  2. Sorry I wasn't clear here. RMJ said that European guidelines for diagnosing celiac in children allow skipping the biopsy if the TTG IgA is 10X the upper limit of normal range. My lab report gave 20 as a "normal" reading. So therefore anything over 200 should be enough to diagnose celiac without...
  3. Sorry I have not replied for a couple days! I have been running around seeing Drs and arranging tests for myself and family etc. I have attached my daughter's results to answer people's questions. We are in Australia and it's only been a week so we don't yet know if anyone else in the family...
  4. I am amazed and comforted by the response to my post. From what I understand TTG is the important one and if it is short for- Tissue TransGlutaminase IgA a normal level is 20 x 10 = 200. So 680 seems to be a pretty strong indication of Celiac. This is start of a life long...
  5. My 3 yr old's IgA Result was 690!! This is very concerning as the lab result says 80 is high. Her IgG was also 118. One week on a Gluten free diet and she is already feeling much better but I would love to know more. Is such a high result rare? Does this mean she has a 99% chance of having Celiac...