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  1. Diagnosed 2006 and was told to find a dietician to help me with my meals. We were on Military salary and I couldn't afford that. I was not comfortable with my knowledge of hidden gluten until I'd been on the diet for 10 yrs. Most of my doctors say I'm allergic to wheat and have THAT written in my...
  2. I would add: look for hidden sources of gluten contamination. Replace any cookie sheets, wooden spoons, anything you used for cooking that had gluten ingredients. Good luck finding a noodle or bread that tastes good. A lot of celiacs are lactose intolerant, good thing we have a pill for that. My...
  3. I contacted the Heinz company and their sauce has soy sauce in it. It is NOT gluten free.
  4. I was informed that I should not eat Blue Cheese because it could be grown on wheat. Was I misinformed? Same with mushrooms.