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  1. Thanks for response; for any practicing Catholics here; can you take communion with Celiac; I did so this morning and then thought “what did I just do”, the reading I’ve done said the Church has to use bread that contains some wheat, but they do have reduced wheat wafers.
  2. Maybe I am just impatient to feel better and pinpoint my symptoms; I feel it's very easy to just blame everything that doesn't feel right on Celiac; I know it is a serious issue but am I being too impatient is wanting my symptoms to improve? My main culprit is swelling inside the cheeks; mainly...
  3. I have NOT been avoiding dairy, basically just eating stuff that has gluten-free label; for example, popcorn states gluten-free on bottle as well as bread my wife bought at Whole Foods; is all of this ok as long as it states gluten-free? What shocks me is I had no idea this was all going in in my...
  4. What is the best route to go in determining; 1. If I do in fact have continue to have sleep apnea and what type I have? I used to wake up occasionally gasping for air, but wife says I no longer do that? 2. Can my thiamine levels be checked with lab work?
  5. So as of now, I began taking a B-12 Complex and D; I am going to follow up with my PCP to see if I should have another sleep study done since I was previously diagnosed with apnea and could not tolerate a CPAP so I just gave up and starting to try and sleep on my side; maybe it is more serious now...
  6. Thanks for all the information; I picked up a B Complex (Nature Made); also I was just curious but I take a a "Statin" for slightly high cholesterol that is hereditary; any chance I could be having a reaction to this med; been on it for about 6 months; other than the glandes in mouth, the rotten...
  7. Thank you; I began taking a multi-vitamin and spoke briefly to the gastro staff about my vitamin labs; I am not sure if they checked specifically B3? I have a video appointment with the Endocrinologist 12/31; I will address this, but some just look at the basic vitamins and say "they look decent...
  8. Thanks for responding; nasty taste in mouth right now may be from Antibiotics prescribed for H Pylori found during EGD; 3000mg per day (14) days.
  9. Hello, 46 yo/m recently diagnosed with Celiac; originally went o my family doctor for slight numbness in fingers, numbness in lips occasionally and swollen glandes in cheeks producing heavy saliva. PCP did blood workup and found antibody to Gluten; this prompted EGD scope which revealed moderate...