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  1. I'm on a really low dose of Wellbutrin (actually, the generic version, Bupropion) @ 75mg/2x daily. I felt some positive effects early on, probably 6 months ago, though at this point I can't say that I really notice it doing anything at all. Having said that, I don't typically feel like I need any...
  2. Thanks for all of the thoughtful responses. There’s so many pieces to this puzzle and it’s going to take a little time to put them all together. I’m hopeful that the neurologist will have some insight that’s valuable, though I’m prepared for the canned response that celiac is a GI disease. ...
  3. Thank you. Good catch wrt depression and anxiety. An endocrinologist I saw said the same thing. After months of feeling poorly with no diagnosis or resolution I began to get anxious and mildly depressed. I was on cymbalta for a number of months which helped my mood but eventually began to make...
  4. Thank you. Oats, cooked with fairlife, and berries have been my daily breakfast for years. I’ve switched to Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal. How would I know if Fairlife and gluten-free oats are a problem for me?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ve been shocked by how pervasive gluten is our food supply. It’s been a serious task to do just as you say, eliminate all traces. I’m sure mistakes will be made but we are trying. I am taking some supplements. I’ve been on a Centrum Men’s f...
  6. Just wanted to add that I was found to have mild hypothyroidism 2 years ago and am on levothyroxine, keeping my TSH around 3. Also have hypertension and take valsartan for this. I have a follow up with my neurologist on Monday so I’m not sure if I should push for more scans or is this l...
  7. Good afternoon, I was recently diagnosed via biopsy indicating atrophic mucosa and increased lymphocytes followed by a positive ttg iga blood test. It surprised me in a way, as I didn’t have what I thought were the stereotypical GI issues, but on the other hand, I became lactose intolerant 2...