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  1. I know they think that King Alfred (0800's) had Crohn's disease which obviously isn't celiac but does make you realise that all these GI conditions affected them back then. His bishop recorded events of King Alfred's life which included his stomach complications which they also think led to...
  2. Yeah I think it is time to enlist the help of a functional medicine doctor the problem is I'm very sceptical in nature but at this point i'm willing to try anything. I am a bit of a screen addict so that could play some factor. Although in the past I have attempted very strict anti phone/ strict...
  3. A few months ago I did try a carnivore diet for a couple of weeks as I heard it can be beneficial for people with autoimmune issues. During this time I did have the highest energy levels I have had in a long time however by the end of the 2 weeks the thought of eating meat was nauseating. I think...
  4. I can relate to this part alot. Out of curiosity are you exhausted during exercise or is it after? And is it an out of breath exhaustion or a tired (need to sleep) exhaustion? Im still trying to determine whether celiac is to blame 100% for my fatigue. I will say is the one time over the last...
  5. (27 year old male) Hello everyone, I am seeking some advice or seeing if anyone has had or still has a similar experience regarding extreme fatigue post diagnosis and conducting a gluten free diet. Basically November last year I travelled to South East Asia and got viral gastro over...