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  1. I'm Impressed this year. Some of the people I work with decided to give sweets to everyone. Two people went out of their way to find something specifically marked gluten-free that I could eat. Someone else managed to successfully find something from "normal" section that they thought was ok... and it was. I'm particularly impressed with that because as far as I know they don't have any reason to check labels for themselves. While I don't expect anything - I really appreciate the effort, Most years I'm given things that I can't eat that is accompanied by a comment of "I know you probably can't eat this but". It's not a problem because I can always regift but sometimes it's a bit annoying. I feel a bit bad now that I didn't give anyone anything.
  2. Have offered to be in charge of snacks for Christmas this year. That way I can buy lollies and chips that I can have and so can everyone else. Never much fun when I have my own bowls of stuff- other years when I've done this people forget and eat mine. Which is fine but I'd only got enough for me and if it all goes I can't eat "theirs" Apparently it's cold meant and salads this year. Family member organising it said they will try to make the salads gluten-free. I asked them to let me know what they are so I can suggest dressings etc. Hopefully that way I can prevent needing to make my own version of something that could have easily been made gluten-free in first place if they asked me first.
  3. Probably got glutened last week. Got a burger who advertised patties and buns as been gluten-free. Forget to check the sauce. For anyone in Brisbane: I was in topshop a few weeks ago and they now have a little doughnut time store in there. I noticed they had a gluten-free option and asked for that. The person serving asked me if I was coeliac - was reluctant to say yes as I was expecting them to turn around and say- sorry you can't have it then. Turns out they were just been careful. I'm fairly sure instead of pulling one off the tray, they gave me a pre boxed one. It was glazed and wonderful.... I couldn't remember the last time I had a glazed one. Also impressed with the Jamie Oliver restaurant in the city. When I ask what I can have, the staff always ask if I am proper gluten-free and then get the manager to come and explain what I can have. They don't label it on the menu but they never make me feel like a pain for asking. Also when giving my pasta dish they say that it is the gluten free version. Might not seem like a big deal but it wasn't that long ago that my only option was to ask for salad without the dressing or croutons. Only for it to be presented with one or both of these things. This would result in me having to ask for new one and a very cross wait person when I tried to explain that I can't just pick it out or scrape it off. In the end I used to exaggerate slightly and say I would be very sick if had these things. It was a bit of a fib as I'm not super sensitive but it seemed to work.
  4. Remember that international brands of packaged foods can vary from country to country. For example in USA M&MS are ok (at least they used to be, I'm not sure if they still are) however in Australia they contain wheat starch and so are not gluten-free. Also you might find that one type of food that is normally gluten-free in your home country is not in the country you are visiting. For example I have not found any cola drinks , regardless of brand in Australia that had gluten, however I have found some in England that have Barley in them. Try to find out what is available in supermarkets before you go. If you can't find anything prepacked in the supermarket or a restaurant to eat, you could get something like carrot and celery or fruit and eat that. Definitely not the most exciting thing but much better than starving or taking a chance and getting sick. You could make a a salsa of tomato onion and coriander for a bit of flavour.
  5. Welcome to the forum. I'm 28 and also struggling to work this since it was upgraded. We can be embarrassments to Generation Y together.
  6. In woolies tonight I found gluten-free up and go! Not sure if it will taste good but still exciting. Looks like sanitarium have realised that people who need to eat gluten-free actually like the same things as those who don't. I got the chocolate one- I'm impressed the resisted the urge to add some orange flavour to it.
  7. Good Luck. Can't really give on recovery since I was diagnosed when I was 6. I'm not highly sensitive though and when I was a teenager used to cheat a lot. I did feel a bit better when I stopped cheating. Some advice- - Try not to think of all the things you can't have- It's hard but there are lots of things that you can still eat. - Remember that you don't have to like something just because it is gluten free. - If you don't like a particular type of food it's fairly likely you won't like the gluten-free version. Nothing to do with gluten-free version tasting weird because it's gluten-free, just your tastebuds. For example I don't like the gluten versions of sausages or coconut biscuits. So I don't "count" them as foods I can't have or taste yucky because it's gluten-free . On the positive side you can now get some really delicious gluten-free food. Up until about 10-12 years ago the only biscuits you could get were some strange tasting Jam Drops from health food stores or Some from woolies. They had all chocolate one side and chocolate drizzle on the other. Now you can get gluten-free versions of mint slice, Oreos, Anzac Biscuits, Gingernuts etc. The best bit is that all tasty and edible!
  8. Am starting to get a bit cranky that alot of new gluten-free products are raw and paleo. Same with recipes online. I don't mind that type of food sometimes but I don't want to eat that way all the time.
  9. Has anyone tried the woolworths brand of gluten-free bread? I think it is new as haven't seen it before.
  10. Went to gluten free expo today. found out that Latina are about to release some gluten-free fresh pasta. I think it comes out this week in Woolworths. Looks like there will be ravioli and lasagne sheets. Wasn't able to taste test but will be definitely buying some. Also got a enchilada kit and soft taco kit from San diego tortilla company. Unfortunately they aren't available in supermarkets. Bayview who do frozen chicken and fish are supposed to be adding some salt and pepper squid into the range at the end of the month. Noticed a increase in paleo/raw type products this year. Also various forms of coconut things although this seems to be a general food trend.
  11. Sitting in pizza express in london. Best gluten free pizza I have ever had. They serve it on special boards that are only used for gluten-free pizza. Also the pizzas on the menu they list as been able to be made gluten-free means all of it. None this gluten-free base only or meat pizza been gluten-free without the meat business you get at some places
  12. Yum. Has any tried the san remo gluten-free egg noodles/pasta?
  13. I find that a bit poor. My understanding is that the company only produce allergen free products, so I don' t think it good that they have made a product that now includes one it previously did not. It annoys me when a "regular" companies make a product I can have and then change their ingredients to include something with gluten, but I can understand it a bit more that a specific allergen free one doing it. On the subject of oats- I'm off to the Uk at the end of week, where you can buy gluten free oats/oat porridge which I really really want to try. My dilemma is this: I used to cheat a lot and eat things with gluten, I was never really sensitive and could eat a reasonable bit before I would get sick. I have been good for about nine years. I have on occasion eaten gluten by accident and not gotten sick, but don't know if that means I would be ok with gluten-free oats or not. From what I have read, it seems that maybe it is only very sensitive coeliacs who can't tolerate oats. I remember having oat porridge with honey as a Kid and really liking it. I buy the rice porridge now and although I do like it, it is just not the same as oats one.
  14. Anyone had a gluten-free meal on Singapore Airlines? Flying with them soon. Heard fairly good things about their regular meals, although I'm still expecting rice cakes instead of any kind of gluten-free bread and fruit salad for dessert. Also no yoghurt with breakfast..... even though the food for the breakfast flight will have been prepared in Aus and I can usually eat the brand of yoghurt served to everyone else! End of the day though, as long as they remember to load a gluten-free meal for me I will be happy. Always take some snacks but it's a bit hard to pack anything decent with a 26 hour travel time and all the restrictions.
  15. Anyone get things from Aldi? I ended up getting a few. So far tried the cheese tubes and tom yum noodles. The tubes taste similar to the other gluten-free ones you get. The noodles are nice flavour, the texture is a bit odd but I think that it is more just my personal preference. I also bought some black forest biscuits, Mocha cake mix, Banana cake mix, two bread mixes, lava cake mix and some milk poppers. Ended spending about $28 all up. Wanted to get some Gazpacho as well but they didn't have any.
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