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  1. Right now I want to get a handle on the diarrhea, as this is the only symptom I'm experiencing. Aside from the effects of diarrhea like dehydration and fatigue. So the psyllium husk is a great idea! I will give it a try if I can find some gluten free psyllium husk. Thank you. I will look into...
  2. As I said before, my toothpaste as well as my BF's, are both gluten free. I bought a new lip balm that's gluten free and not contaminated. Anything that could end up in my mouth or on my lips I make sure it's gluten free. The paranoia of having another gluten attack is so overpowering it doesn't...
  3. Currently taking a B-complex supplement so I'm glad I'm doing that right. Will stop with the oil and fatty foods. Thank you. Hoping this will help. I am considering meat/eggs being added back to my diet. The only reason I'm not eating legumes is out of concern that they could be contaminated...
  4. Again, didn't think garlic and onions could be an issue but not thinking they could be. I will try to eliminate those as well. Going to start a good diary. The food and veggies you described giving you problems sounds similar to what I'm going through. Appreciate your recommendations with what...
  5. I did read it could take a couple years for the gut to fully recover but when I started eating a mostly gluten free diet a few months ago it helped with the diarrhea I had then, pretty quickly. So I guess I figured the same things would happen when I cut out all traces of gluten. And thank you...
  6. Thank you. I looked up the foodmap diet and I agree that I'm getting too many complex carbs. And probably too much fiber. I will work on balancing this out as this was something that was overlooked.
  7. Hi, About 4 months ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I have been transitioning to a gluten free diet but only recently discovered the need to cut out potential gluten contamination. I started this process about a week ago and I've had the worst week of my life. First I found out...