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  1. I actually read about it. That when baking, convection should be turned off. But I didn't know if it actually affects the baked goods or not. From your experience it does? In what way they didn't turned out right? Anthony
  2. Gosh that's an old oven haha, well mine is very cheap. It's not so common in Korea and I got one of the cheapest convection one (about 80USD, 45L). So I wasn't expecting high quality, but didn't expect such high difference with the setting and the actual temperature. At least it isn't random, it...
  3. Thank you! I thought that the size might be a problem for the cooking. And I will look for that mix, thank you. I never tried any mix so I don't know whether I can stand it or not. Also, I followed the first advice and got a oven thermometer. And oh, surprise lol, when I set my oven at...
  4. Thanks, I thought about trying this next time too, I will see how it goes! About reducing the liquid ingredients, I am not so sure though because actually my cake dough is super thick compared to the dough in all gluten recipes videos. So it doesn't just flow in the mold like it does with gluten...
  5. Thanks for the advice. It is not a bad idea. If the temperature is right then I know it is due to the gluten-free mix. I will get one online tomorrow! Could it also be due to the size of my tin size? It isn't very big. Like half the size of a regular pound cake?
  6. Hello. This is my first post here. I recently bought an oven (not common in south-korea) and started baking/cooking with it. I've tried making a Banana Poundcake using a recipe using wheat flour but replacing it with a gluten-free mix I found on internet. My problem is that my cake...