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  1. This is the type that chloraseptic spray or cough drops don't really help. It's right at the middle of my throat (basically behind the Adam's apple) and no not at the bottom I guess. And again I've been on an intense GERD diet and also take daily medication and have had several endoscopies and it's still unexplained 😕
  2. Hi Scott, Thank you for your reply, and yes I have been checked for all of these things and also have changed my diet entirely to comply with the GERD diet as well as take a daily prescription (Dexilant) for control of acid reflux. Sadly, none of this has made a difference, and I thought it was a long shot to think it may be related to my gluten intolerance but I'm at such a loss for where to turn next! Again thank you for your reply and I will keep on searching. Thanks
  3. Hi, I realized that I had a serious gluten intolerance about 4-5 years ago when I was experiencing constant headaches, stomach issues, and problems with fatigue. My primary care doctor quickly told me to try and cut gluten out of my diet for a couple of weeks to see if that was the issue and within 5 days I felt great! (Although sad that I had to give up all of the foods I loved of course). Since then, I have had a strict gluten free diet and only have been accidentally exposed a handful of times. I am writing because I have also had a persistent sore throat from more than 2 years now a
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