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  1. yeah... i thought about that.

    when the colonoscopy (the dr. actually went into the small intestine, as well, and he did a biopsy of SI tissue that showed no indication of celiac disease) was done, i had only been gluten free for about... three weeks to a month. so that should have showed, right.

    also, i am currently having symptoms, so, if gluten is the culprit, it should show, right?

    yeah... we'll probably do a gluten challenge if all else fails.


  2. so, i found out that when they were doing the colonoscopy, they also entered the small intestine and biopsied the tissue from there. he said that there was no indication of "sprue" he said that we need to do the "sprue panel." he is also doing three or four other panels.

    lots of bloodwork. I don't get the results for seven days. so. i guess i try to find the hidden gluten.


  3. i'm leaving for the doctor today in about 45 minutes. sorry this is so late, but i have seen many responses really quickly... so, please help.

    i'm not sure if i have a gluten intolerance, but it seems that i do. i have been on a gluten free diet for about two and a half months. after the first month and a half or so, my symptoms went away. last week, though, i had kidney stones and the symptoms came back the next day, full force. including joint pain (it travels back and fourth from one hip to another), diarrhea, some nausea, some cramping, but mainly spasming. I have had these symptoms for 8 days now. the gluten-free diet doesn't seem to be improving things anymore. i am also, lactose free. once again, i have no idea if i actually am gluten/lactose intolerant. or caesin for that mater.

    this will be my second trip to see this GI. not including the time i saw him for the colonoscopy which did determine that i did not have Chrones disease. but this about the eighth time i have been to a doctor about these symptoms since april. i have had no definitive answers. i have had many blood tests, a stool sample, countless urine samles, and a colonoscopy. all since mid july. and no real answers.

    i have had to quit my job, because i never know when i'm going to be sick. this makes me quite unreliable, which is not characteristic of me. I have had pretty tough bouts with depression and constant anxiety. also, both extremely uncharacteristic for me. I can't remember the last time that i let anything get to me, but this is really doing the trick.


    I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what i should speicifically ask the doctor about.

    please... anything.


  4. Thank you CarlaB for your response. that is helpful.

    when i re-read my post just now, i realized that i also meant to ask...

    "How long does it take once you injest gluten for a response to show up"

    for me, it seems to be, like the next morning...

    but in the past, i was only sick for one morning. this is the first time that it has been longer than a single morning.

    i have a follow up this friday, is there anything that you guys could suggest that i could ask my doctor.


  5. i am new to this forum and to gluten intolerance. i have not yet been diagnosed with celiac disease, but i have a strong suspicion that is the problem. i had a colonoscopy about three weeks ago and the only information i was given was that i did not have chrones disease. i have a follow up apointment soon. i have been on a gluten/lactose free diet for about two months now, and for about three weeks had been symptom free. then three days ago, when i woke up (like before the g/l free diet) i was sick. then yesterday and today, the same thing.

    anyway, my actual question is...

    when gluten slips in to your diet, how long do you show symptoms before you get better.