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  1. I have put a few short videos on YouTube with tips for gluten free living in Japan. Just look under Gluten-free Japan. Hope I can be of some assistance!
  2. Hi everyone. I have Ceoliac Disease (pretty obvious) and I live in Japan (also obvious given the title). I have been here for many years now and have gradually worked my way to becoming a very proficient user of all things gluten-free in Japan. I am discovering new products all the time though and so will share these with you too. In this blog I hope to give tips and answer any questions so that you too can be feeling healthy while you live or travel here. Japan is a fantastic place and we too can enjoy all sorts of wonderful foods. Hope to hear from you soon, Gluten free Alison
  3. Hi all, This is my second post. I have good news for all you Ceoliac people... we can drink beer in Japan! The brand is called NODOGOSHI. It is cheaper than most beers because the company has produced it with no barley, which is highly taxed. It is a Daisan Beer which means it is not 'real' beer, not Happoshu (which uses less barley) but is the third beer type invented. Some Daisan beers contain caramel so you have to be careful. But Nodogoshi is safe. By the way, I speak, read and write Japanese and have had this confirmed by my doctor here who understands all about Ceoliac Disease. Kanpai!!
  4. Hi all again, Just a warning. I have been reading people saying that sushi is safe. However, sushi vinegar usually contains wheat. So if you want to eat raw fish, go ahead but just eat it as sashimi (no rice). Of course you need to BYO gluten free soy sauce.
  5. I'm in Tokyo too. Hi Joanna, I live here too and found out I had Coeliacs Disease when I went back to Australia for lots of tests. Since then I have learnt a lot this year and have been getting better. One thing I can recommend is the Foreign Buyers Club on the internet. I buy lots of gluten-free pasta on it. Do you know the kanji for all of our 'taboo' products? I can't post it on this website, but if you are interested, then please reply and I can get that information to you some other way. Once you know which kanji to look for it is really easy because the laws are very clear about labelling and so all products use the same format. I haven't come across any doctors who know about this disease here so I go through my Australian doc. Hope to have helped. OH and also you can order many wheat free products once a month from the CO-OP shopping centre which is home delivered. It is in Japanese and so would be a bit difficult if you can't read Japanese. Anyway, good luck, AlisoninJapan
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