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  1. Well I never saw any signs of iodine allergy, so I don't know. I do have good news to report, though. This was a long battle, where under an endocrinologist's care, she would waver between a heart rate of 160 beats per minute, to 60 beats per minute. She was totally wasted and it was a good thing we lived close so I could watch her son. We ended up seeing the supposed best herbalist in the state, he put her on paleo diet and gave her some herbs-bugle weed for one thing, mother wort, I'm not sure what all else. We stayed off iodized salt, even though no doctor nor herbalist had heard anything about iodized salt being bad...the endocrinologist said not to take iodine supplements. Eventually she started to get better. At that point the endocrinologist wanted to either radiate her thyroid or surgically remove it. We got a second opinion, same. The herbalist said he thought with her improvement we should wait and see...by this time the endocrinologist had taken her off the medicines. We finally got in to see a third endocrinologist...he thought she was doing good and actually agreed with the herbalist to wait and see. A few months ago, the third endocrinologist released her from his care and said she was well, her thyroid levels were within the optimal range and she had no need for an endocrinologist. She's been doing good since. How much sense does all of that make? We are so glad she got well, but none of it makes sense. We've stayed off iodine, all of us eat only pickling salt. Is that the key? Are the herbs the key? Did she get well because she doesn't eat gluten? Or did she get well because of the paleo diet? Anyway, I thought I should follow up with our good news.
  2. I've been off gluten for just over ten years now...remembering back...I used to cry as I walked the grocery store aisles. At this point, I feel like being gluten free is easy if you can just take charge. Do your homework and find out what you can have at the places you go...it's getting easier all the time. I like eating at home, but I know at 28 you might want to spend more time going out, etc.. Find out the places that have gluten-free stuff and tell your friends that's where you'll be!
  3. If you have a Trader Joes in your area, they carry stuff without hfcs, and also carry lots of other stuff that's pretty healthy, edible by people with food intolerances, and prices very affordable.
  4. We make a bowl if brown rice, kinda like oats. I cook up a big pot of short grain brown rice...long grain isn't as good for breakfast, in my opinion...but then I keep the cooked brown rice if the fridge. In the mornings, I put a serving of brown rice into a saucepan with a little milk sub ( we use watered down canned coconut milk, but we've used other milk substitutes in the past...or people who can tolerate real milk could use that), brown sugar and cinnamon, or else maple syrup, honey, etc., just to taste, then we add raisins, diced apples, blueberries, or whatever...sometimes I add walnuts, etc.. Eat it in a bowl like oats...tastes pretty good for breakfast.
  5. Thanks, squirming and knitty...both look very helpful!
  6. I've been trying to limit iodine and I can't seem to find out exactly where we get iodine, besides iodized salt. Does anybody here know about where we would get hidden iodine in our diet? Not dealing with dh, but my daughter was diagnosed with both Hashimotos Dusase and Graves Disease last spring. She is in her mid-30s and has been both gluten free and diary free for many years. We are looking for better answers in dealing with these conditions than what the doctors are doing, and decided it might be worth trying low iodine, but from looking this up on the net, I'm not sure where we get excess iodine, I read that countries that iodize their salt soon get hit with cases of autoimmune thyroid diseases...so I'm thinking cut out any excess and see if we can get her under better control. Just having trouble knowing where we are getting the iodine from if we don't use iodized salt.
  7. Interesting thought. In the stores around here you just about can't find uniodized table salt. I have used sea salt for years...but just recently decided to try uniodized regular table salt...couldn't find it and bought canning/ pickling. Sea salt supposedly has varying levels of iodine. I have no idea how salt is supplied to manufacturers...id be curious to know for sure. Would be nice to know for sure that the packaged stuff isn't gonna o.d. Us on iodine. Of course, we want enough iodine, but just not too much. I see from maps on the net that we are supposedly in the "goiter belt," as far as iodine occurring naturally in soils and waterways, but then we eat stuff grown in other places too. According to goat maps, our area is NOT deficient in iodine, as opposed to people maps....ugh...seems I cannot find consistent info. But according to the goat maps, we should not have to supplement our goats with iodine, but when we had goats, we did give them a mineral complex because of copper deficiencies in our area, and it had iodine in it. So, basically I'm just confused about all of this...would we have enough without ANY efforts at supplementing from iodized salt---are we getting hidden iodine from packaged foods or something we aren't thinking of? Does iodine even have anything to do with her terrible illness, or anything else? I'm confused...desperately seeking answers,..very unsatisfied with how the doctors are handling it.
  8. I'm having trouble understanding if there is iodized salt in everything-- I see some sources that say it has to be labeled as iodized if it is, then I see other sources that say it does not have to be labeled that way. I can't remember ever seeing a label on a package specifying iodized salt...wondering if that means it isn't ever used in packaged foods, or it doesn't have to be specified as iodized? I'm having trouble finding info as to how to know when you are or aren't getting iodine.
  9. Thanks...the iodine is what I'm really curious to hear what anybody knows about or has such experiences with. The gut bacteria, yes I think it's important for good health, but my daughter shouldn't have a problem with it...besides the fact that I'd breastfed her, we weren't all that clean and had all sorts of animals in close proximity, I also made our breads ( back before gluten ever got to be an issue with me) by wild fermentation, made our own yogurts, butter, etc. As I said before, she never took an antibiotic until she was in her twenties. She hadn't eaten dairy products since her teens...twenty year ago, and quit the gluten because I did, around ten years ago. Seems crazy to me, from what I've read, that she'd be such a sitting duck for these autoimmune things. I guess I'm just looking for a cause, so we can try to undo whatever that cause is, ourselves. I'm thinking it might make sense the iodine rampant in the Anerican diet, any American diet, might be something we could try to control, if it would be a factor. I realize we need some iodine, but none if us can tell how much we're getting, unless we never buy anything in a package or can, and buy only canning/ pickling salt and make every last thing we eat from scratch. We are doing this now, hoping it helps. She took prenatal vitamins while expecting get child and for three years after while breastfeeding him...I'm thinking that could have been an excess of iodine right there. It's important for pregnant women to have iodine, but I'm thinking some people can't handle any excess without getting thyroid or other health problems. I'm looking for others' experiences or thoughts on this.
  10. Well my daughter never developed celiac disease, but stopped eating gluten around ten years ago when I did.
  11. We were dirt poor in Appalachia when she was growing up and had no health insurance and could not go to doctors. She grew up without medicines or antibiotics. We made herbal concoctions when we were sick. No antibiotics here.
  12. I play guitar, fingerpicking style, clawhammer banjo and old time fiddle...I love beautiful instruments! You are lucky to have a guitar store!!! What fun! Well I have heard stuff like exposing kids to dirt, allergens, etc., in their early years might prevent allergies to those things later on. My daughter was breastfed, raised around animals, in the woods, heating with wood, etc., so her immune system should have gotten a decent start, if that really would be a factor. But you're u have to ask yourself, why do underdeveloped nations have the same health issues as developed ones once they get on board with us? And there is actual documentation that as countries iodize their salt, autoimmune thyroid diseases begin to emerge. Of course you need some iodine, but in countries such as the u.s., ionizing since 1924, the iodine content of foods of all kinds has gone unchecked for decades and could be excess for many people. I've read a connection with dh in celiacs, an iodine connection....its just got me wondering about possible other connections between celiac, thyroids, and just flat out autoimmunity in general. In he meantime, the cat, daughter, are trying for low iodine...the rest of us are heading there fast ( but have other food to get rid of first). We'll see what happens.
  13. Well it seems weird that she was fine for the past 20 or so years, and then suddenly came down with these conditions. We keep reading if you stop gluten you'll find improvement from autoimmune thyroid or any kind of autoimmune conditions, but as I said before, she hadn't touched gluten for a decade...she doesn't let her son eat it either and her husband felt so much better when they quit he doesn't touch it either. So it isn't much help, just confusing when we keep reading about the gluten connection. I've seen hints that iodine might somehow be vaguely related to gluten reactions in the skin, and that, plus the fact that these autoimmune thyroid conditions are common only after a country begins ionizing their salt. Knowing that autoimmune conditions are common in industrialized countries, it gets me wondering if there is something tinkering around in our immune systems...something found only in these countries that might manifest itself by way of gluten intolerance or something else autoimmune. It's kind of a tough thing to look up, because you have only vague tidbits of info here and there...but anyway...I thought if anybody else here had any further tidbits than what I've come across things might start making sense. One thing I forgot to add...my daughter has an old cat who also is hyperthyroid...has the same symptoms. The vet had her on the same medicine as daughter, but then ordered a new, prescription diet that has allowed most cats to get off of the medicine, avoid thyroid surgery or other treatments, just by sticking to the prescription chow. The secret ingredient: no iodine, or at least low iodine. We need some iodine, but heck, we need some lead too, but too much will mess you up. But in the cat food they leave out iodized salt, it other added iodide, and they don't out in fish, which is high in iodine. The vet says most cats are normal, not sick anymore, once they get onto the diet, This was what really got us reading up on the iodine...and wondering. My daughter is attempting a low iodine diet, herself, now too...it isn't so easy with people. Since it seems you can only guess the iodine content of anything with salt, sea weed is often added to things as thickeners, etc., iodine is in red 3, which is in many medicines, pills, etc., well it's hard to know. We have pretty much gone "Amish-like," with this, buying only canning-pickling salt, and making every last thing from scratch: grinding our own meats, making our own baking flours, making all breads, crackers, etc....everything. We live on the same road so dietary decisions are usually mutual efforts, which is helpful. We are hoping it works for people like it works for cats. But the answers to why we, in industrialized countries, have these health conditions...that's what would be good to find out. And, I love that guitar, Bartfull...Ovation, I presume???
  14. I'm a self-diagnosed celiac and have been gluten free and healthy for the past nine or ten years...losing count by now. My daughter went gluten free because she thought it would be a good idea at the same time, since, even though she didn't seem to have any issues with gluten, she had noticed years earlier dairy of any kind really made her sick...given my gluten experience she thought it might be a good idea to give it up and possibly avoid future problems. Since then, she had a son, now five years old, and keeps her family gluten free and off of processed, junkie stuff, food colorings, etc. Three or four months ago she became very ill and was diagnosed with both Graves Disease and Hashimotos. This was a shocker for us, since she had been gluten free for many years. Anyway, in our efforts to find answers, we ran across accounts that indicate that globally, these autoimmune thyroid diseases are found in countries after they iodize their salt. It seems that after a few years, the levels of iodine may get out of control and excessive, and are actually not well regulated and cause these autoimmune diseases to crop up in some individuals. I've read there is some connection between skin disorders in celiac a and iodine excess, or what amounts to excess for some individuals. Now I'm wondering if the reason celiac suddenly exploded in industrialized countries could also have some connection with these countries having iodized salt which eventually finds its way not everything and somehow causes this or other autoimmune disorders is some people. I've searched for clues on thus, out of curiosity, plus also out of a new distaste for iodized salt, plus the dissatisfaction of having the ability to know what items may or may not have iodized salt hidden in the ingredients. I'm wondering about the safety of this practice. I'm not much into conspiracies, etc., but also wondering if the underlying reason iodine us everywhere in the food supply these days is because if governments' fears of nuclear power plant accidents or leaks, and their not having the confidence they could deal with widespread radiation sickness-- iodize everybody up real good and maybe you have no problem? But besides that little bit if paranoia about that, I can't help but wonder if the reason there are now so many celiacs, so many thyroid autoimmune disorders, so many autoimmune disorders if so many kinds, is simply because in industrialized countries we are overdosed on iodine. Anyone have thoughts or insights into this idea????
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