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  1. Well I never saw any signs of iodine allergy, so I don't know. I do have good news to report, though. This was a long battle, where under an endocrinologist's care, she would waver between a heart rate of 160 beats per minute, to 60 beats per minute. She was totally wasted and it was a good thing...
  2. I've been off gluten for just over ten years now...remembering back...I used to cry as I walked the grocery store aisles. At this point, I feel like being gluten free is easy if you can just take charge. Do your homework and find out what you can have at the places you go...it's getting easier...
  3. If you have a Trader Joes in your area, they carry stuff without hfcs, and also carry lots of other stuff that's pretty healthy, edible by people with food intolerances, and prices very affordable.
  4. We make a bowl if brown rice, kinda like oats. I cook up a big pot of short grain brown rice...long grain isn't as good for breakfast, in my opinion...but then I keep the cooked brown rice if the fridge. In the mornings, I put a serving of brown rice into a saucepan with a little milk sub ( we...
  5. Interesting thought. In the stores around here you just about can't find uniodized table salt. I have used sea salt for years...but just recently decided to try uniodized regular table salt...couldn't find it and bought canning/ pickling. Sea salt supposedly has varying levels of iodine. I have...
  6. I'm having trouble understanding if there is iodized salt in everything-- I see some sources that say it has to be labeled as iodized if it is, then I see other sources that say it does not have to be labeled that way. I can't remember ever seeing a label on a package specifying iodized salt...wondering...
  7. Thanks...the iodine is what I'm really curious to hear what anybody knows about or has such experiences with. The gut bacteria, yes I think it's important for good health, but my daughter shouldn't have a problem with it...besides the fact that I'd breastfed her, we weren't all that clean and had...
  8. Well my daughter never developed celiac disease, but stopped eating gluten around ten years ago when I did.
  9. We were dirt poor in Appalachia when she was growing up and had no health insurance and could not go to doctors. She grew up without medicines or antibiotics. We made herbal concoctions when we were sick. No antibiotics here.
  10. I play guitar, fingerpicking style, clawhammer banjo and old time fiddle...I love beautiful instruments! You are lucky to have a guitar store!!! What fun! Well I have heard stuff like exposing kids to dirt, allergens, etc., in their early years might prevent allergies to those things later on...
  11. Well it seems weird that she was fine for the past 20 or so years, and then suddenly came down with these conditions. We keep reading if you stop gluten you'll find improvement from autoimmune thyroid or any kind of autoimmune conditions, but as I said before, she hadn't touched gluten for a decade...
  12. I'm a self-diagnosed celiac and have been gluten free and healthy for the past nine or ten years...losing count by now. My daughter went gluten free because she thought it would be a good idea at the same time, since, even though she didn't seem to have any issues with gluten, she had noticed years...
  13. I've never eaten figs too much, but I always did love prunes, especially chocolate-covered. For whatever reason, though, I can relate at least to your prune problem... seems the last several times I ate them I got really messed up. I kept telling myself it just couldn't be the prunes, but then...
  14. This has happend to me too. I can't eat eggs. I've been gluten free for 2 years and 3 months. For a while I couldn't eat eggs at all. Now I can eat stuff like mayonnaise made with eggs, eggs baked into something, etc., but the minute I eat just an egg, like for breakfast, then it hits again...