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  1. If you happen to be coming up to Flagstaff (it's only about 30 minutes away), we have a few chain restaurants such as Outback and Chili's with gluten-free menus. Also, there is a Picazzo's in Flagstaff as well. There is a good health food store in both Sedona and Flagstaff called New Frontiers, where you can pick up some gluten-free food for snacks, etc. The one in Sedona is much bigger and nicer.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I haven't been on this forum in a while, but I was wondering if Dr. Fine has published his results yet? I have used the stool test for two members of my family and since then they have been gluten free, but their results were right on the border for being positive. Now, my daughter, who is celiac, is getting her old symptoms back after being gluten free for almost two years and I was considering getting her tested with the stool test, (maybe she is casein intolerant??) but before I spend even more money, I'd like to know what new things might be being said about Dr. Fine.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. My college daughter who is extremely careful about eating out, etc, was just glutened by, if you can believe it, wheat berries. She had scrutinized everything in the salad, ingredients, you name it. Unbelievably, they didn't list wheat berries as an ingredient. Well, since she was starving, she gobbled some forkfuls before she realized the berries were in it. She immediately brought it over to the worker and he told her what they were. How completely stupid!! She was SO upset.

    Anyway, today she is obviously not doing well. Her symptoms are mostly neurological. She had a test this morning and literally lost her memory. She is exhausted and emotionally crippled. Does anyone know what she can take or do to ease up on these symptoms? She made sure she got 8 hours sleep last night, as she knew this would happen. I've told her to double up on her sublingual B12 and eat really well and drink lots of water. If anyone has any other advice, please help. Her finals are right around the corner and these symptoms can last a long time.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. I don't know if you'll be making your way to Flagstaff, but if you do, you absolutely have to try Picazzo's Pizza. They have a huge selection of gluten-free pizza, and know all about cc issues, etc. Flagstaff is only 30 minutes from Williams, so it would definitely be worth the trip. Also, there is an Outback Steakhouse (full gluten-free menu) and a Chili's (Limited gluten-free menu). There is also a local health food store, which sells several gluten-free items, in case you need to go shopping. It is called New Frontiers. Hope this helps.


  5. Although my daughter is 18 yrs. old now, and newly diagnosed, looking back now, she used to suffer from very bad "growing pains" in her legs. Now I realize it was all from celiac. At one point she even underwent physical therapy for very severe pain in her knees. Oh, if we only knew then what we know now. Anyway, I don't think "growing" is supposed to hurt!

  6. Hi,

    I have the Shelley Case book, also in the newest edition. I ordered it from Amazon, so it's a little cheaper. I primarily got it because she gets into the nutritional value of different gluten-free flours, foods, etc. Also, there is a huge list of gluten-free companies in the back, as well as some recipes. I really like it and find it helpful. It certainly is a good reference guide.

    Hope this helps.


  7. First, I want to say thank you so much for your wonderful bread recipe. It is every bit as good as everyone said. I love that it is soft, pliable, and has a thin crust. My children LOVE it!! I would purchase your cookbook in a heartbeat, as I really want to cook healthy foods for my family, but one thing we are dying for, is a good loaf of French/Italian bread. I have tried Annalise Roberts' loaf, and it is good but doesn't last past one day without falling apart. We come from an Italian family, and this is killing us, not having good Italian bread (LOL)!! PLease, please, do your magic and come up with a great loaf of Italian bread for us Italians out there. After all, lots of Italians have celiac, you know!!

    Also, for your cookbook, we live at very high altitude (over 7,000 ft.) and I have yet to find altitude adjustments in any gluten-free cookbook I own. This would be very helpful, because as of yet, I have never changed recipes to accomodate for altitude, because I don't know if I should. Your wonderful flax bread didn't really rise too much for me, so I'm not sure what to do about it, up here in the mountains.

    Thanks so much!!!

  8. I also had tons of cavities as a kid, and have gum problems my whole life. I just took my son for a cleaning (he is gluten free due to intolerance issues, genes, etc.). Anyway, I self-diagnosed my own gluten intolerance since my daughter has tested positive. I discussed this with our dentist and he had never heard about enamel/dental problems although he is familiar with celiac since one of his doctor friends actually has it. His guess was that maybe something in the saliva of a celiac can cause problems, but who knows? I did ask his office to make sure that everything was gluten free, but again, who knows if it really was. I have to trust that they checked, but deep down I am skeptical. I really think dentists should be absolutely aware of the connection, since for young children they could be the first line of defense in connecting dental problems and celiac as a screening measure. Dental problems run in my family and if I had only known then what I know now!

  9. Right before our household had gone gluten free, I had purchased two huge jugs of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup at Sam's Club. I have tried to no avail to find out if is gluten-free, but everything I come up with online is old information. And there's no 800 number on the jug, it say's to write to the company. Does anyone out there know if it is gluten-free and if not, then what kind of inexpensive syrup in the grocery store is gluten-free?? Thanks in advance for any help!!

  10. How exactly do they test for malabsorption and how do the results look?

    We had my son tested through Enterolab and his numbers came below the range of what they consider to be a malabsorption problem. They test the fecal fat: the more fat in the stool, the higher the malabsorption. I believe that if you had a specific mineral malabsorption, like calcium, it might show up in a blood test as a very low level. I know that this is the case with ferritin (iron deficiency) and vitamin b12. My daughter was diagnosed this way (very low ferritin) as well as a flat glucose tolerance test, which suggested she did not absorb any of the glucose in the glucose challenge. Hope this helps.

  11. Well it keeps getting better!!

    As of January, we will be in ALL 18 Vitamin Cottage stores in Colorado, 7 Whole Foods stores, AND they are putting in a proposal to get us into King Soopers (One of the big 3 chain stores all over the state. We live right by store #69, to give you an idea). Also, we are very close to getting into all 12 Sunflower Market Stores (we are already in one).

    Hi and I am very excited about your products, but for a different reason. My daughter attends CU in Boulder and we have had a very difficult first semester, trying to get safe food for her to eat on campus. But thanks to the diligence and devotion of some very wonderful parents and community members, your store is providing gluten-free meals for the handful of celiacs on campus. That's right!! What a blessing to know that my daughter can go in and eat and not worry about ingredients, contamination, etc. Thank you so much for providing this service!

  12. I just called the Curel company and I inquired about the Continuous Comfort Original Formula lotion. The woman told me the standard "due to the fact that we have no control over our suppliers, we can't guarantee that it is gluten free." However, I went over the ingredients with her and in this particular formula, there are no questionable wheat or oat ingredients. I know that in at least two other types of lotions they produce, there are oats (avena). So, it is a personal call about using it, but it certainly seems that in this particular product, there is no gluten.

  13. My daughter was diagnosed with celiac in August, after many doctors, etc..... We have four children and I started suspecting my 13 yr. old son, since he has had chronic stuffy sinuses his whole life, and the only other symptom was bad gas. We had him tested through enterolab and he has the celiac gene as well as a gluten sensitivity gene. Although he is in good health, except for the above, I have him on a gluten free diet. His malabsorption test came back totally negative, so I guess that means he doesn't have celiac yet. But I don't want him to go through what my daughter went through. I personally have never been tested, but I highly suspect I am the carrier, although I am in very good health. I look at my family history and suspect celiac and so I also am gluten free and sure enough, little nagging health issues that I have ignored have been going away. I consider myself gluten intolerant at this point. We have two other children. They both seem fine, but at least they'll know what to look for if things start happening. I do wonder if keeping my son strictly gluten free is the right thing to do, since he his very healthy. Plus, his sinuses haven't cleared up like I thought they would have.

  14. Before my daughter was finally diagnosed with celiac, I did a lot of research on my own. We normally see a naturopath, who we really like. My daughter has Hashimoto's as well, so when I researched iodine deficiency, I asked my doctor to do an iodine uptake test which we sent away for. Anyway, it came back showing that she is pretty deficient. But, here's the rub: while we were waiting for the iodine results to come back, her other blood tests showed celiac and I had remembered reading that people with dermititis herp. can be very sensitive to iodine and that they should not use it as a supplement. Well, since DH is obviously a form of celiac I told the doctor that I didn't want to take a chance supplementing my daughter with iodine, just to be on the safe side. I know that iodine deficiency is very common in this country, but until my daughter heals from the celiac, I don't want to risk giving her something that can aggravate the celiac. Her thyroid antibodies are out the window, but I am hoping that with time on the gluten-free diet, they will eventually go down. I just would caution you about the iodine supplementation, until you research it further.

  15. Hi and welcome

    We recently visited the Celestial Seasonings factory where they actually make all of their teas, and I asked the woman in the gift shop about gluten in their teas. She came back with a list of all of their teas that contained gluten. You can probable contact them on their website. Just google it. Considering the huge variety of teas that they make, there are hardly any that contain gluten.

    Hope this helps

  16. Thanks for the info. We are planning a trip there in March, and although we've been going for several years, this is the first time gluten free. I went on Disney's website and I emailed a Chef Chris and he promptly replied that he would like to talk personally on the phone. Did you actually get a printout of all gluten free good available in the park, including the little kiosks? Part of out Disney experience has always been about the food, so I hope it turns out that there are lots of options.

  17. I am not a confirmed celiac, but two of my children are (so far). After looking back at my family history I have also decided to go gluten-free, also as a support to my children. I have done the diet for one month now, and I feel more bloated and constipated than I ever have before. Is this normal? I never really had a problem like this before going gluten-free. I have not lost any weight, although I feel as though I eat less food than before. Anyone else have this problem??

  18. My daughter has been gluten free since late August. One of her most debilitaing symptoms of celiac was complete muscle weakness, especially after eating. She is now home from college on break, and after a full meal she still has to immediately lay down due to this incredible weakness. I was hopeful that this would have gotten better by now. She did say that when she only eats small bits at college, it is not as bad. Is this a problems with metabolizing carbs, sugars?? She had a glucose tolerance test in August, which was key in getting her celiac diagnosis, because her glucose levels remained flat, which meant malabsorption. Does anyone else have this problem?

  19. Hi!

    I'm going to attend either NYU or GWU in Spring 2007, starting in January, and was wondering if there were any other people who have celiac who attend these schools. It would be great if I could talk to them about where to eat and whether or not they need a roommate. Please reply ASAP because the term starts soon. Thanks!

    Hi and welcome!!

    Although my son is not a celiac, he does attend NYU. His sister and brother are celiacs. I do know that there are a lot of options in NY city for eating gluten free. You can do a search on this forum, for people who have visited NY. Try the travel forum. Also, he told me that there is a wonderful Whole Foods market I believe in Union Square. This is an invaluable resource as well. I don't know what NYU has set up for celiacs. My daughter is a Freshman at a different out of state school, and we are having a tough time getting food set up for her. Wherever you attend, contact the dining services immediately to see what they have to accommodate your diet. I wish you much success in dealing with whichever school you choose to attend.