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  1. I also had a birthday the first weekend of eating gluten again - kind of planned it that way! 🙂 So I was definitely hitting the ground running with the gluten. I've not been sick, but have felt nausea on several occasions which is also quite new. I've had some banging migraines, where I've even had to have my other half massage my head... it was that bad. I'm getting dizzy - which I did have a bit before - I'm also naturally clumsy but I seem to be more so at the moment, dropping things all the time. I've always had dry skin, but it seems extra dry the last three weeks. I also had a perio
  2. Hello - just dropping back in onto this thread - wasn't sure what the etiquette was and whether I should start a new thread. So, I'm nearly three weeks into the gluten challenge and I'm feeling pretty pants I'll be honest. I'm trying to get the minimum amount into me every day and I'm managing it thankfully. But the niggly stomach cramps and aches are still there (which I didn't really have before the challenge) and I just wanted to ask whether they can usually be felt in different locations all at once if that makes sense? Would they normally be felt in one location and then move around? Or c
  3. Hi - I lost my Dad just after my first child was born - so my hormones were all over the place anyway, as well as dealing with the grief, so it's possible that was the trigger and this has been coming on slowly for a while. I guess the excessive tiredness I just put down to being a new parent, but I've never really felt 'not tired' since then, even though they're both now teenagers! The stomach bug I had 18 months ago may have just then propelled it to full on GI symptoms. I'm just hoping I get some answers soon.
  4. I know what you mean, but I think for me it’s knowing for definite one way or another and I’m not one for giving up easily. At least If I know then I can manage people’s expectations as well as my own. To be honest I’ll not miss McDonald’s if I have to give it up 🥴 (maybe a tiny bit!) I’ll persevere and report back 😊
  5. So I'm day 6 of eating gluten again and I've had the worst headaches I've had in weeks and also I seem to be getting stomach pain as well as the usual bloating. Well, when I say pain, it's like little stabs of pins and needles on the inside. Is this normal? It varies from left to right and it's generally on the lower half. I've not really had these before so not sure if it's related to the fact I'm eating gluten again as I didn't get them before - I was 6 weeks off gluten to test it. I tried googling pins and needles feeling in the stomach but it just comes back with hands and feet. It's not a
  6. Hi - thanks for all the responses. It's really helpful. Four slices of bread is definitely a lot for me and I don't think I've achieved that daily for years. I try to eat healthily and so naturally don't eat a lot of refined or processed foods and we're more likely to sit down to a meat and veg meal than a pasta laden meal, so it's really hard for me to eat that much gluten. I'm planning on re-introducing it this weekend so we'll see how it goes. I know what you mean about the minute differences between having a gluten sensitivity and full blown coeliac. A family member was diagnosed las
  7. Thank you for the advice. So where you say 1-2 slices of wheat bread daily - if, for example, I'd eaten toast for breakfast one day, with a sandwich for lunch and then a pizza for supper (so basically maximised gluten intake one day), but then didn't consume any gluten the day after - could that missed day potentially affect a test result or would the amount I'd consumed the day before effectively carry over to the next day? Sorry that all sounds like an odd question, but I know that in my normal diet, I might not necessarily eat gluten everyday and wondering if a 'hit and miss' consumpti
  8. Hi - I'm new to this and so if I'm posting this in the wrong place, please let me know. I was tested for Coeliac last year after a second degree relative tested positive and I began to research what Coeliac disease is. I realised I ticked a lot of the boxes. So I contacted my GP and I went in for a raft of blood tests - diabetes, thyroid, iron etc. All were ok - iron was low normal. The Coeliac test was negative, but I was NOT advised prior to the test that I should be eating plenty of gluten. I've since done lots of research and realise that I may have not been eating enough - the doctor just
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