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  1. My experience with bingeing is that it usually happens when you're missing something in your diet. That may be obvious in the case of someone with an eating disorder who eats nothing for a day and then binges on "bad" foods, but less obvious in people who feel like they are eating enough. But a lot of the time, you may have a craving which you try to indulge with the wrong food. The wrong food won't give you what you need, but you keep eating and eating hoping it will satiate you. I used to have a lot of cravings in the evenings for stuff like chips, chocolate, ice cream, etc. But I've been trying to keep track of things I've eaten that satisfy these cravings. For example, one time I was convinced I wanted ice cream. I hadn't eaten dinner that evening. There was no ice cream so I made myself a roast beef sandwich (not gluten-free at the time) with cheese on it. And the combination of the meat and the cheese satisfied my urge for fats. The problem with being gluten-free is that it's easy to skimp on your carbohydrate intake, and your hunger for carbs and fibre can make you eat the wrong things to try to satisfy yourself. One day I had just eggs for breakfast, without any carbs. For lunch I had a salad with chicken and cheese, but again no grains or starches. By 2 pm I was starving, and so I was eating handfuls of walnuts. I was still hungry, had a chocolate bar. Had a chocolate milk. And by dinner, I was craving greasy tacos - not because I really wanted the junk food, but because it was a grain. So I ate tacos and rice and for the first time all day I felt satisfied. I think with a gluten-free diet, you should ask yourself whether every craving isn't just a craving for grain or starch in disguise. Before you open the Doritos, ask yourself, would a bowl of rice or potatoes make you feel better? If you're lactose-free, are you craving fats? Could you eat a few plain nuts or an egg to satisfy that craving? And when in doubt, just follow the old diet tip: if you must indulge in junk food, eat something healthy (piece of fruit, egg, nuts, salad, glass of milk) before hand, and then if you're still hungry then indulge away.
  2. Thanks for all the encouragement. I'm starting slowly but surely. I'm not very going at carrying through with my goals, so I've been trying to start gradually. So far I've cut out wheat, but I've been lenient on the whole gluten thing... I don't think I've eaten any, but right now I'm just trying to go as long as I can without eating wheat, so if teriyaki is my only option, I'm still going to consider it. For now. I had a basic blood test done a few months ago and received the "no response is a good response" to my question of having celiac. For whatever that's worth. But I'm so exhausted and brain foggy and apathetic, the kind of worthlessness that so far is immune to a half dozen antidepressants, 12 psychologists/psychiatrists, and even the best efforts of a naturopath. So I'm still hoping that wheat or gluten is an answer. My biggest barrier is that there's this endless cycle of tired/laziness that means I have about 2 spare hours during the week where I'm hope and can actually cook. If I had more energy I'd shop for groceries and cook food. But as it is, I'll always take an extra half hour of sleep over the opportunity to eat breakfast. It's hard for me to make myself lunches and dinners when I come home from work or school and basically head straight to bed. So my options are pretty limited when trying to find gluten or wheat-free meals away from home. There's always the salad with meat option, but I'm hungry an hour later. Rice and corn seem to be the best restaurant grain replacements, but it's only my second day and already I'm sick of rice! Last week, I tried to start being wheat-free, and only lasted a day. But then for the rest of the week, I felt sick - diarrhea, gas, the works. Was this a result of the gluten-free/gluten-again shock to the system or completely unrelated? This week, I tried again. My first gluten-free day I started to feel gassy and felt like I would have diarrhea later on in the day, which has since passed. My friend said it sounded like I was going through withdrawal. Could it be some kind of detoxification, getting it out of the system? I don't know. I'm going to keep it up, at least wheat-free, for as long as I can go, but I'm thinking I can't cut it off for good just yet.. more like phase it out, doing 3 days without this week, then 4 next week, or something. Because all I can think about is a nice, chewy sandwich. Quesadillas, oreo cookie ice cream, eggs and toast, brownies.
  3. After reading through some of the posts on this website, I'm actually feeling pretty optimistic about going gluten-free. And apprehensive, of course. But it sounds like so many of you have found the experience life-changing that you've encouraged me to try. I've been seeing a naturopath about general health issues, mostly fatigue and depression, and I mentioned I thought I might have celiac (though I was tested by a doubtful GP at a walk-in clinic and came up negative to whatever test she reluctantly administered). My naturopath has been asking if I want to try a gluten elimination diet, but I was in a pretty depressed period and was too afraid to give up pizza and sandwiches - sadly these are huge dietary staples for me, especially when I'm stressed and don't cook for myself. Even though I've been eating better (still lots of wheat, but no french fries and a lot less sugar) since I started seeing the naturopath, and I've been taking supplements and homeopathic potions, I still feel exhausted and swing into depression. I was thinking about asking to try the elimination diet, but wasn't sure I could actually bring myself to do it. But coming here and reading how being gluten-free has helped so many of you, I realize I have to give it a shot. Either it will help me or it won't (and then I'll dive back into the bread basket). Either way, it sounds like I'll be happier at the end of it.
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