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  1. Tired of hearing about spouses and parents that don't believe /support the Celiac diagnosis or treatment. People will shave their heads in support for friends or family having chemotherapy but giving up beer and pizza etc is a great inconvience for relatives of those with Celiacs. Celiac Disease is a disease of inconveince. People will complain being gluten free is too expensive but won't give up $50 a week in cigarettes or alcohol or weekly movie nights,sports tickets.... Even for their children. Its sad. Most people can afford junk food,daily coffee out but simple foods like rice, veggies chicken are too expensive? Do what we did cut out the extras on cable,save $25 a month by getting rid of caller ID,call-waiting ... Just the cable downgrade and phone extras cut our bills all most $100. Trade in the luxury car,take a couple years without a vacation away.Get back to basics. Imagine taking time to cook instead of microwaving or take out. Actually make time to prepare dinner and eat it together not an original idea but often forgotten. Whether its the person diagnosed or people in thier lives Celiacs Disease is also one of excuses. When a child's health is not valued above everything else that is inexcuseable.
  2. My allergy Dr. uses and recommends Alka Selzer Gold-not sure if its gluten-free. I have not taken it in a few years. It is the vitamin C that helps with the non-anaphalactic allergic reactions. In that form it absorbs more rapidly. I just empty 4 250mg vit. C capsules into water or take OLA LOA sports drink (with 1000mg vit C) It does help.
  3. We use the Kirkman chewable calcium which tastes great and is easy to chew. If you order smaller bottles or lighter items over the phone they give the option of USPS priority mail which is cheape. We used their BioGold chewable probiotics -again tastes good but very expensive -It was worth the money as my six year old liked them. He had a hard time with powered vitamins/probiotics mixed in juice/food. We drink Vances potato milk which has the same amount of calcium as cows milk and is great in baking. I originally found it at Kirman's site but its cheaper ordering from Vances.
  4. My supermarket has a designated Kosher slicer that is always freshly cleaned. I always have them throw out the first slice. They also change their gloves between orders. After getting glutened a few years ago due to a lazy deli worker (I say this as a former a deli worker for 6 years.) I am politley vocal to new employees or go when I know a deli person I know is on. Most are very helpful and willing to do something extra when you are polite and explain things. BoarsHead has a pre-pack line of cold cuts that they are test marketing. BoarsHead BBQ ribs (meat dept.) are really yummy. Their sweet slice ham can be special ordered whole in 2 sizes.
  5. I ordered some bare minerals make-up last week and since they said their foundation was gluten free I mentioned it was too bad they did not sell lipstick. The woman at BMinerals(Bare Essentials) said they have a new line of lipsticks at Saphora.com. She said they did not add gluten ingreidients . Going only with a reps. word and for the first time in three years I did not check the ingriedient list on line. The lipstick came yesterday and a minute after I put it on my lips felt sunburned. Called bare essentials and the rep. read the ingreidient list she mentioned gardenia flower extract so as I am allergic to flowers I assumed that was it. Again I was told no gluten ingriedients. Went to the Saphora website and clicked on the lipstick ingr. list-BARLEY SEED OIL./BARLEY LIPIDS. one was on the active list the other was on the complete list. I clicked Called them back and I was told a memo would go out to all in the company. My lips burn,tummy hurts -this is so stupid. At least I tried it before the wedding I am going to at the end of the month.
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