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  1. I agree with you and am seeking a second opinion regarding the blood test. That said, what would the blood test tell me if the biopsy was clear?
  2. Just got my biopsy results today - they came back negative! However, after speaking more with the doctor, I’m nervous 3 weeks eating gluten again wasn’t long enough to show up? He said if I was having symptoms, it would show up if I had celiac, and he also said there was no need for bloodwork. The doctor also told me I should be able to tolerate gluten in small amounts without getting sick, but that is NOT my experience. Can gluten sensitivity come with very severe symptoms? And is 3 weeks eating gluten enough for the biopsy to be accurate?
  3. Got it - thank you. I will ask for a blood test at my follow up appt to be safe.
  4. I have been gluten free for about 5 years, but I ate plenty of gluten for a solid 3 weeks prior to the endoscopy. My doctor wanted to go straight to the endoscopy instead of doing bloodwork so I didn’t have to keep eating gluten and feeling sick.
  5. I’m waiting on my biopsy results, but my doctor said from what he saw during the endoscopy, everything looks normal. I know some people say that the biopsy could still come back positive, but I’m wondering if that’s actually common? Do most people with celiac have visible villi blunting during the endoscopy? Or is it more common than I think for the endoscopy to look normal but the biopsy be positive?
  6. I’m also wondering - can the endoscopy findings look normal but the biopsy show celiac?
  7. The doctor didn’t check my blood for celiac. He was so convinced when I spoke with him and wanted to jump straight to the endoscopy. I have been off and on anemic for as long as I can remember and sometimes have to supplement with iron. Maybe I will look into the genetic test. I went against my gut in doing a gluten challenge for longer, but I was trying to trust the doctor. I just hope that wasn’t a mistake.
  8. I have been (mostly) gluten free for 5 years now after noticing a variety of symptoms all related to gluten. Occasionally, (maybe once a month), I would eat something with gluten, and my symptoms would all come back (major bloating, constipation, diarrhea, migraines, fatigue, brain fog, etc etc) (I’m also anemic). It would take days to feel like myself again, and I finally bit the bullet and scheduled an endoscopy after my sister started showing the same symptoms. My gastro doctor said he would be shocked if I didn’t have celiac, and because of my symptoms, he recommended a gluten ch
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