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  1. When: Saturday June 9th Time: 2:00 pm Where: Hasbro Children's Hospital 593 Eddy St, Providence RI 02903 Main Entrance 1st Floor - Room 151 Directions: http://www.lifespan.org/rih/about/directions/directions.htm Fee : $15 per person. This fee will cover Melinda's cost and refreshments. Reservations : Contact Stacey or Imad at info@somersetrock.org or 508-674-6211 Melinda Dennis will be giving a presentation on the following topic: TRAVELING AND DINING OUT ON THE GLUTEN-FREE DIET: After a diagnosis of celiac disease, you may ask yourself if you are ever going to eat out or travel again. The answer is
  2. Somerset, MA Chapter R.O.C.K. (Raising Our Celiac Kids) is a free support group throughout the United States and Canada for parents, families, and friends of kids with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. A NEW Chapter of R.O.C.K. is forming in Somerset, MA. The Somerset, MA R.O.C.K. Chapter is seeking anyone who is raising a child that follows a gluten-free diet. If you are interested in participating in the Somerset, MA R.O.C.K. Chapter, please contact Stacey Nasrallah or Imad Nasrallah (508) 674 – 6211 www.somersetrock.org e-mail: info@somersetrock.org
  3. Freeda makes a chewable complete multivitamin for children. My 2 year old takes one a day and she loves them.
  4. Thanks. I've come across info for both of these. I was hoping there was another group closer to southeastern ma. Thanks
  5. Anybody have any info about support groups for children and parents in Bristol County MA? Also, looking for fundraiser events.
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