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  1. Hi All, My daughter is a gymnast and needs to have her hair curled in a ponytail for her meet. I need to use some products to hold the curls as she has straight hair. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Just found these online. I have never tried them but they are small snack crackers like cheez its just not with the fun neon yellow food coloring! http://www.celiac.com/catalog/product_info...products_id=893
  3. My son LOVED goldfish before dx. He will tolerate the glutino ritz crackers that have the cheese flavor in them. They are not his favorite but he likes them well enough. I hope someone comes up with a goldfish type cracker soon!
  4. Hi, My ds also has "after" affects of the gluten. I don't know how much help I can be because she just cries and cries uncontrollably. She will be cranky and moody but not aggressive towards us or her brother. Just cranky, usually she just stomps off. We remind her gently that it is the gluten talking and to try to control her words a little better. When she does hit the wall and starts the crying binge, we just sit on the sofa and hold her and let her cry it out. The crying is usually the last stage of it and she usually does this at night and basically just cries herself to sleep. It is heartbreaking. Luckily she is getting older and a little more responsible at school so we have only hit that once so far this year. It is such a hard thing to deal with because even though you know it is the gluten, it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Maybe if you have another adult at home to help you can trade off dealing with tantrums when they hit so each of you have a break. Good luck and I hope you dd is doing well.
  5. Hi Everyone! Thanks to everyone for all of your replies. I ended up keeping Michael home on Thursday and we are going to bake gingerbread men together at home. He decided to do it when his sister and two friends are with us on Wednesday since he thought that would be more fun. He is such a thoughtful little boy even when he is being left out. When I told him what the class was doing (I didn't want him to find out from someone else) he started to cry, I told him we were going to do the same at home but in a way he wouldn't get sick. He immediately started smiling and yelling hooray! I took in an official letter from the doctor and gave one to the office for his file and a copy to his teacher. Amazingly enough, that night she called saying that they usually decorate cookies for the holiday party but she is going to change the activity since Michael and the other little girl can't do it. She asked me to sign up for the cookies to bake at home and bring in for the party. That's no problem! I am going to call the other little girls mom and find out what egg substitute she uses so the little girl isn't left out. I made some of the suggestions about the craft instead of baking but it seemed like it went in one ear and out the other. I don't think she took me seriously, looks like the official letter from the dr changed her mind. Anyway, thanks to all of you for your help and kinds words. Sorry my first post was a little frantic, I was quite upset. This forum is wonderful and so are the people on it! Thanks again all!
  6. Hi Everyone, I have just read the recent thread about baking in school. Great advice and bravo to the little lady that stood up for herself and the mom who backed her! This is the first time I have had a potential problem with a teacher. So far we have had great luck and amazing teachers. My sons preschool teacher wants to bake gingerbread cookies with the kids on Tuesday after reading a book. She made three suggestions 1. Have my ds stay on the opposite side of the room while everyone else does the activity (yes she seriously said that) 2. Me pick him up early/just stay home 3. Me bring in gluten free baking things and flour to make the cookies I opted for number 3 but I have found out that the recipe calls for 6, yes 6 cups of flour! Can you say ouch to the pocket book!? Anyway, I have no problem with that but there is an afternoon class that comes in and does the same activities where there is no gluten issue. So basically they will bake with regular wheat flour in the room, which is also the problem with him just staying home and them using regular flour. My question is has anyone had this happen in preschool and if your child wasn't there did they get sick from particulate fall out that wasn't cleaned up properly? How did you handle it? Did you trust the teachers when they said they would clean the room or did you go in and help them clean? I have also been made to become aware that people in the school are not taking this seriously. Granted my daughter is diagnose celiac, ds however has a positive gene test and positive dietary response but since he was 2 when we tested we didn't get a positive on the biopsy so no dx by the doctor. She said, he obviously has a problem and there is no reason to keep him on gluten if taking him off solves the problem and we know he carries the gene. Also there are soy, egg, tree nut, peanut, strawberry, dairy and diabetes in the classroom besides my sons gluten intolerance. I am not sure why she is taking on the responsibility and liability of baking with all of this in the class anyway. She has made efforts to find a dairy nut and egg free recipe. Why is she willing to bring flour in the room, it's not even like it is some crumbs that can be cleaned off the table from snack, it's going to be flying in the air! Boy I am so frustrated and worried that I can't form a coherent thought, sorry this is so jumbled. As you can tell I could use some guidance! Any advice is welcome and thank you in advance.
  7. My heart goes out to you and Ellie. I hope you find your answers to help her feel better soon. Michael was not FTT but was very low on the weight gain charts. The doctors told me to up his calorie intake as much as possible, this is difficult with diet restrictions and picky eaters, both of which he has/is. I "hid" a lot of things in his regular food! Good luck and I will keep you both in my thoughts!
  8. That's so funny, my husband said the same thing about the beer!
  9. Hi All, I just have to rant and rave about my daughter's first grade teacher! So I picked Katharine up at school yesterday and her teacher stopped me in the hall. They are reading a book about blueberry muffins and want to bake blueberry muffins at school. So I assumed they were going to ask me to bring in a blueberry muffin for Katharine which would be great that they let me know in advance. That wasn't it, they want me to bring in the ingredients and utensils and bowels to bake gluten free blueberry muffins for the whole class! I couldn't believe it. They thought it would be wonderful for Katharine to participate but also for the other students to be able to try Katharine's muffins! I was so elated! It will be a total pain to take everything into school to bake and clean off all the surfaces and stuff before the kids get down there but, wow, it will be so worth it just for Katharine to be able to have that experience. I baked the muffins this morning just to make sure it will work with the gluten-free flour and they were delicious. I took some into school so her teacher and student teacher could try them and they both emailed me that they were delicious and they wouldn't be able to tell they were gluten-free if I hadn't told them. They think the kids will love them. I can't wait! Anyway, I have shared so many concerns and questions here, I wanted to share a triumph as well! Happy Halloween to everyone! Stay safe and gluten-free!
  10. Wow, reading this and thinking back my DD used to be attached to a sippy cup too. Now, not so much. She drinks normally. Interesting...
  11. We just did a hay ride last weekend. Both kids seem to be fine however the hay was alfalfa not wheat. The farmer there told me that typically if they say "straw" it is wheat. He told me that straw is the bottom of the wheat. Just thought I would pass that along. All of the people we spoke with were so nice about our questions. The first two didn't know so the found the man who owned and operated the farm. He answered all of our questions and the kids have been fine. Good luck and happy hay rides!
  12. For those of you who live and/or use Meijer as a supermarket, I found a link on their website which lists all the Meijer Brand products which are gluten-free along with their gluten-free specialty items. Thought I would pass along the link. http://www.meijerhealthyliving.com/meijer-...ten-free-and-a/ Hope everyone is happy and healthy and had good start to the school year!
  13. My DS had the same problems as your little one last year. He had 7-9 bm's per day, all green or clay colored. Very irritable, rash on the bottom and food coming out comletely undigested dark purple circles anda terribly distended belly. We did the gene test when his sister was diagnosed with celiac and it was positive. His blood tests were neg but GI was concerned about food, bm frequency and consistency, and constant complaints of stomach aches. After many non invasive tests that all came back normal we had to decide if we wanted to do a scope. After a lot of discussion my dh and I decided to go ahead with the scope. The GI said his duodenum looked suspicious but once it came back from the lab it turned out to be negative. I decided to take him gluten free since everything else checked out normal. Everything stopped within a few days and completely resolved within a couple of weeks. We kept a food diary and did a couple of gluten challenges and recorded all the symptoms when they came flooding back. We have a gluten free house now and everyone is happy and having normal bm's. (Yes our house revolves around everyone's bowel movements!) We have decided to keep DS gluten free until he is old enough to tell us how he is feeling and let it be his decision if he wants to challenge it for a medical diagnosis. This is our story which seems similar to yours. I wish you luck and hope you find answers for your little one whichever route you take.
  14. I found that we have been getting glutened from Kraft shredded cheese. It is the only thing that my daughter ate regularly to cause her numbers to stay elevated. Anyway the reason I am telling you this is that when I talked to Kraft they stated as always that the clearly marked gluten on their packages but when I pushed further about cc they would not garuntee that anything they make is gluten-free. They just said that the mark the packages. Although I have talked to them a few different times and the answer is always just a little different. However this last time they wouldn't committ to anything, when I took her off of Kraft cheese, her numbers, which we have been struggling with for awhile now, drop 30 points in one month. Good luck and I hope you find some answers.
  15. The ingredients for the Tom Sawyer Flour are as follows: White Rice flour sweet rice flour tapioca flour xanthan gum unflavored gelatin This is the only thing they make so I don't think that there would be a soy or nut problem however it is something you would want to call about to be absolutely sure. 877.372.8800