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  1. Just found these online. I have never tried them but they are small snack crackers like cheez its just not with the fun neon yellow food coloring! https://www.celiac.com/catalog/product_info...products_id=893
  2. My son LOVED goldfish before dx. He will tolerate the glutino ritz crackers that have the cheese flavor in them. They are not his favorite but he likes them well enough. I hope someone comes up with a goldfish type cracker soon!
  3. I was referring only to the regular Log Cabin. I am not sure about the Country Kitchen one. If you called a month ago then it is probably still gluten free as the change I found out about took place last fall.
  4. Hi again everyone, As promised here is what I found out today. Many of these you guys probably already know, but if there is just one that you didn't this was worth typing! NOT GLUTEN FREE Lactaid: Company will not commit to gluten free, states "There are no detectable amounts of...