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  1. Thank you all so much...I had to take a day from work today, as I have contaminated myself in some way. Reading about cutting boards, toasters, wooden spoons, and cast iron pans - well- I have used all of these in the past day or two. Good grief, it's all a bit overwhelming at first, isn't it?!? I spent a few hours on the forum today reading. I am so grateful for such a large community of folks who 'get it.' I am going to a yearly event with dinner tomorrow and have already planned the dinner that I will have to take. Did any of you ever get to the point where you had too much input? I would like to stop time for a day or two to process. If there weren't this forum, this would be so incredibly difficult. Thank you again. Julie M
  2. I started feeling bad in May, had colonscopy, CT scan of abdomen, and complete blood work and no answers - save the dx of IBS. I finally found a naturopathic doctor who steered me toward the saliva and stool tests. I am gluten, soy, and egg intolerant. Severely gluten intolerant. This diagnosis has allowed me to a new GI doctor who is going to biopsy to look for celiac. The naturopathic doctor is not covered under my insurance. As much as I appreciate her help, I feel like I am in the trap of her vitamin/supplement business. My MD is appreciative of her diagnosis, but doesn't know what he can do for me. I can't afford to keep going to her, to keep taking her supplements. The first month I spent $450.00 on vitamins and supplements alone. I have been faithful in my diet. While I feel much better than I did in July, I still feel lousy. I still can't fit into some of my clothes from the bloating. She has diagnosed me with too much bad bacteria in my gut, with osteopenia, with hypothyroidism. I am starting to feel like I am being taken. I have become my body's advocate over the last few months - but- my knowledge is limited. Is it possible for me to get to the point where I know what is best for me? You all have more experience with this than I. I am just so grateful to have stumbled on this website. If I sound like a whiner, please forgive. I have never known anyone with food intolerances. I feel rather isolated. Another question- My naturopathic doctor thought that it would be impossible to be glutened from using the same toaster as I use for my daugther's wheat toast. But - I am sure that I read that in more than one place. Do any of you know of some resources that will help me from being glutened? Thank you for listening.
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