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  1. Thanks for the responses With my weight, I have not had much trouble keeping it on when I am not ill, in fact before this happened I was just increasing my exercise and trying to lose a bit to help with the GERD. Celiac sounds a lot like what I have been experience the more I read about it, however the one thing that I find odd is that given my GERD diet restrictions, a lot of my diet consists of only breads, pastas, meats, cooked no acidic veggies, and many bland items that would contain wheat and other gluten products. And yet I while I have had discomfort quite often, I have not had the uncontrolled diarrhea I have read about nearly as often as I would expect given how much of these items I eat. I think I may go ahead and try going gluten free whatever they find. Anything that will let life back to what it can be and allow me to enjoy my job again without worry about what might happen while I am a captive in a 4 hour class with 50 people watching my every move.
  2. From reading the site it looks like most people summarize there story so that is what I will do real quick like. 33 year old male with a pretty long history of what the doctors have basically said "probably IBS" but were never sure along with GERD for about the same amout of time. In my early20's I suffered a bought of uncontrollable diarrhea that made it so I had to quit my job and severly restrict my lifestyle. I developed what the doctors said was GERD at the same time over the last decade have suffered through many a night of projectile vomiting, but no real heartburn ever. Just the acid. Four years after this first flareup I had another major flare where I lost 40+ pounds in a month. In between I always had some problems, mainly associated with eating ice cream, not getting enough sleep, or life stress, or eating foods that also caused the GERD symptoms (spicy, acidic, etc.). With this major flare what I did finally, when the doctors had no answers even after colonoscopy and a biopsy or two (can't remember what it was for at that time) I ceased taking all meds, fasted for 3 days and slowly put one food item at a time back into my diet. Over the next 8 years I have slowly lost the ability to eat certain foods; fatty meats, some breads, eggs for example. I have also had consistent times of diarrhea and bowel problems (gas, tenderness and so on) as well as fatigue, and according to my wife mood shifts. This year, after I started suffering from major vomiting and pain in the upper half of my body the doctors finally discovered I had a diseased Gal Bladder and took it out. For 3 week I was perfectly fine, no symptoms to speak of. Then I got a staph infection at the IV site. They put me on some major wide spectrum antibiotics and since then I have had increasing major problems with diarrhea, weight loss (about 20 pounds in 2 months), fatique, panic and anxiety issues, all of which are getting in the way of my work as a college professor (the diarrhea hits at any time and with little warning time to get to a bathroom). I finally got the insurance to let me go to a specialist and the first thing he brought up was Celiac Disease, based on the symptoms I told him. He scheduled me for a scope from both ends and multiple biopsies later this week. My questions are as follows. Is it normal for someone with Celiac to have "ok" times and then major flare times? Is the biopsy definative as a way to rule out Celiac if it comes back negative and to rule it in if it comes back positive? Thanks for the answers in advance. BTW: my wife has Chron's disease, so I have been through all this with her and am very grateful for these online groups. They were amazingly helpful with her disease and if I should end up having Celiac I can already tell this group will be a great resource. I appreaciate everyone being willing to share info.
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