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  1. Celiac diagnosis was through bloodwork. I have a copy of the results. They're sending me for biopsies, however that may be a while depending on the COVID situation here as all non-emergency procedures have been suspended. I'm not sure if I am interpreting it correctly, but it looks like the IgG test has approximately 85% sensitivity and 95% specificity. It's results - DEAMIDATED GLIADIN IgG - 14.2 (HI). It looks like normal is <12.0. It states beneath this result - BOARDERLINE. The IgA test has a 95% sensitivity and specificity and it's results were TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE Ig
  2. Hi - About 10 years ago I started developing a sensitivity to sugary foods. If I ate any treats I would have diarrhea for a couple of days after. I've had anxiety issues all my life so that only seemed to compound things. I'd worry whenever there wasn't a washroom available. At work I would have to wait for an hour after starting for them to unlock the washrooms, so I would find myself in a panic on the way to work. Sometimes I would stop at a gas station on the way, others I would find myself squatting in the bushes. If I knew there was a washroom available I was usually fine. I ended up goin
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