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  1. Thanks heaps guys I'll stick to your advices & see how i go
  2. I'm pretty confused now, cause i've never (maybe i did but didn't notice/mild symptoms) had any discomfort when eating foods containing gluten it started last year, i ate more whole wheat/wholemeal bread, oats and other wholegrains for health reasons. I didn't eat much rice either, so my staple meals was basiclly of wheat (like bread, rolls, buns, pasta etc) after like 5 months i started to get this bloated feeling after eating grains (especially from wholemeal bread/buns and oats) and since then the sympthoms have been a bit worse. I get lots of gas that smells nasty and my stomach's always unfomfortable after eating alot of any wheat products. Sometimes my stools are quite loose & bulky, but sometimes they're dry & pale I've heard that sometime celiac disease won't show up until theres some environmental trigger including overexposure of wheat, which could be my case since i almost eliminated rice, corn etc. and only ate wheat/grain products. Also - I CONSTANTLY crave grains (bread, oats, weetbix/weetabix, other cereal containing wheat) but never crave like rice or corn (eg. cornbread) This morning i had some oats, actually a bit more than i used to and i got this bloating feeling again & have had gas all day... i also get indigestion quite often when i eat wheat products with bleching and sometimes w/ refluxes. Then i feel so bloated again after like 1 hr and feel sick and sluggish... I know it might be other food intolerances, but i don't think anything else is responsible for my sympthoms but celiac.. i'm thinking of going to a doctor soon but i ust wanted to know if these are the sympthoms some of you have or similar? Thanks heaps!
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