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  1. A monthly support group meeting held at Baptist Hospital starting at 7 pm. www.glutenfreelouisville.org
  2. www.glutenfreelouisville.org - check it out. Meetings the second Thursday of the month at Baptist Hopsital East.
  3. Topic for this meeting is "back to basics and misconceptions." Held at Baptist Hospital East, 2nd floor, in the Education Center. Everyone welcome.
  4. The Louisville, Ky Celiac Support Group meeting, Thursday, 7 pm, Baptist Hospital East in the Education Center. There will be a cookie exchange following the meeting. We normally have about 40 people and welcome everyone.
  5. I eat out quite a bit. Most wait staff are fairly well versed in diets - and not just gluten free diets. Ask if the restaurant has a gluten-free menu. Some restaurant's web sites show allergens - such as gluten, dairy, etc. Use the internet to help you find what you can do. It is full of good information. Don't give up on eating out - it's one of the joys of life.
  6. here is a web site near the Oakbroak area and it seems fairly current. http://csagc.park-ridge.il.us/aboutus.html. A group used to meet in the Arlington Heights area, but I could not locate that website. Don't be afraid of mentioning this disease to your friends and associates. I mentioned it to a golfing companion when we stopped for lunch and a friend of his was later tested for gluten issues - based on the discussion we had about gluten reaction. Spread the word.
  7. Cincinnati has an active support group: www.cinciceliac.com best of luck.
  8. We are getting an early start on holiday cooking. Bring a recipe to share. 7 pm in Baptist Hospital East's education center. See www.glutenfreelouisville.org for more information.
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