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  1. Hi Celia, sending you lots of positive thoughts and energy xxxxxx
  2. Hi Autumn thanks for the welcome. I had my gastroscopy and biopsies done without sedation or anaesethetic, only a throat spray because like you I don't like them. It was tolerable and got it done much quicker. Its strange how many opinions there are on if there is any point to the biopsies, in The UK they won't prescribe any gluten free products unless theres been a coeliac positive biopsy, hopefully they will rethink that though. I have never heard of Enterolab before reading this thread and went off to look. I was amazed. What a simple idea!It seems daft to me to go through a biopsy procedure whilst on gluten free though, and like you I dreaded the loading up period of six weeks because after being gluten free for 30 months my reactionsto even small contaminations were acute! to say the least! But I had no choice I had to find out. The first few days on gluten were bad but then they became bearable and after 3 weeks I actually started feeling better and pigged on toast lol, I reckoned the damage had been done and that was what had been causing the pain, I still had all the other problems that made me go gluten-free in the first place but I could cope, just. I knew I was going to go back to gluten-free after the op anyway but I wanted to find out so I would know if my kids were more at risk.... still waiting for my results
  3. Hi, I had a scope and 8 x biopsy done yesterday and I lived to tell the tale!! I am reading through the forum taking it all in!. I notice in your siggy that you say you are gluten free? Don't forget that you will have to go back on gluten for at least a full six weeks to get any positive results. I had to and can now go back to being gluten free Phew!! Good luck xxxx
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