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  1. A 'regular' doctor put her on Zyrtec, but we haven't seen much improvement. Tomorrow I'm going to call and see if he can get me an appointment with an allergist. Do we have to be refered to see a specialist? What's weird is that she has never broke out in hives until this fall. Her celiac disease symptoms were the gas, bloating, severe stomach aches, etc., etc. The first week of going gluten-free was heaven because we finally got a full nights sleep. I know that we are not 100% gluten free yet, but I thought we were making strides. This hives thing has been a real pain in the neck for her (sometimes literally)- she's been a good sport about it. We're 90 miles from her Diabetic and celiac disease doctors, but we have a diabetic appt coming up, so I hope we can either see a dermatologist or allergist the same day. Thanks for the help. I have felt so helpless, but we'll get on top of this yet.
  2. Who should I get my daughter to see first - a dermatologist or an allergist? She can scratch herself and get welts - no rhyme or reason it seems to me for the breaking out in hives. We're 90 miles from her celiac disease and Diabetic doctors, but we have a diabetic appointment in a couple of weeks. It would be great if I could get something scheduled on the same day. I just have no idea right now who to see first. Thanks!
  3. No hair dye or highlighting yet! Thanks for the bits of info....maybe it is a combination of several things. She had chicken pox last year - 3 years after the Varceilla vacination and she's a little Scotch-Irish. Throw in juvenile diabetes, celiac and stress. I took her to a General Practitioner who prescribed the antihistimine and steriod. Not sure if I should take her back or who I should see. Again thanks, we'll keep reading labels and writing down when she breaks out.
  4. My daughter, age 8, was diagnosed with celiac disease in March of 2006. We've been getting down to gluten free in the food department, just starting to tackle the soaps, shampoos, etc.. Since August she has broke out in hives. Are hives celiac disease related - welty and itchy? They don't look like the celiac disease rash, but wasn't sure. She's been on antihistimes and a steriod treatment. That made them calmer, but didn't get rid of them. Is this more like an allergy? Help - she's miserable and I can't seem to help her. Suggestions on what could be a cause or a different type of treatment....
  5. My daughter, age 8, was diagnoised with celiac disease in March 2006 and diabetes in 2004. Since August she has broke out in hives whenever and where ever. They'll last a couple of hours then reappear in other places. The hives are welty and itchy, they don't look like celiac disease spots, but I'm sure every person is different. I'm looking for ideas for treatment..she's been on antihistimes and steriod treatments. The hives seemed to calm down some, but have not gone away. I haven't been able to track down the source, or even if it is from a food or external item. Any ideas??
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