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  1. I see. What symptoms did pernicious anemia cause? I ordered a BioSafe anema home-test-kit thingie... well, I punctured myself and I couldn't get any blood to leak. So I did it again. Still none.. like the tiniest drop ever. I even swung my arm around in circles, then held it down and squeezed my whole arm and hand like a ... ahem, and waited and then punctured. Still no blood. I was so mad I grabbed a knife and tried a small "swipe" at my index finger. Okay, that hurt, a cut. STILL NO BLOOD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I can't bleed. No wonder my hands are always freezing. So, I'll grab a ton of punctures and then try it again tomorrow. I guess. This was for anemia and a thyroid test. ... what's the easiest way of getting my vitamins checked?
  2. Because I don't have any bug bites or rashes or anything? I can take like two online classes and keep my grant, so no problem there. Don't know if I'll still be going to Mexico but either way I'm taking things "easy" for a semester. Quitting my pizza job tomorrow. It'd be nice if I could take off to Mexico. Run every morning at 6 in the morning (keep the exercise going), sleep when i need it, read, do my few online classes, learn my disease well, eat nothing but organic and focus my life purely on my health for a while, etc. Maybe I will be able to. Still looking into it. I want to see how I feel not working at Papa Johns first. Can't leave for a month anyways. Thanks for all the advice and suggestion. I appreciate it and the support helps. It makes me realize that I'm not going crazy and I am doing the right thing, after all. That means a lot. It's amazing what just a few words of encouragement can do. Thanks again.
  3. I don't have lyme's disease... I think it's other allergies and Celiac or just Celiac. MS could be a possibility... but I don't know. Thanks so much tho guys. It means a lot to me. I'll likely be going to Mexico for a while, but it might not be for another month.
  4. If my insurance will pay for it, shouldn't I just go ahead and get tested for MS anyways? I seem like both, Celiac and MS... have all the symptoms to both, well most. My hearing loss is hereditary... so it may not be from MS. But my hands being freezing cold, feet being freezing cold and the tingling and all... and frequent urination, that's what makes me think I could have MS. All the other MS symptoms I have are also Celiac symptoms. Well, unless the ones I just listed are Celiac related as well? You're right. And yes I can, quitting soon. I've been taking all those supplements, especially B12 and other vitamins and iron. like crazy, actually, at least once a day. I was also tested positive for gluten sensitivity. Why i think I have Celiac. otherwise wouldn't those supplements help? I didn't do the genetic tests, just the stool one. The result was: This was also after being gluten-free for about a week... and I was still positive. yeah all of you guys are right... and thus I am right as well, hah. did you have the kind of symptoms that I have though? freezing hands and feet included? did you do the crazy poop I mentioned in my first post? dude it's eating my alive. Recovering will be perfect for me, because when I'm healthy, I'll be ready to dominate the world. yeah, you're right... most MS is really misdiagnosed celiac? you're serious? how legit is this? =p not that I don't trust you... yeah I think I have Celiac, I mean I was tested gluten sensitive... but is frequent urination, freezing hands and feet part of Celiac? can it be? You guys have great advice. I knew posting here was a good idea, now I'm confident with my decision. Probably won't be for a little while before I get to leave though... going to finish up this semester, one more month. Gotta finish what I started. Then I'm off to heal. Meanwhile, I'm quitting my job. And yeah, I was going to take advantage of this opportunity to just learn everythign I can about this disease. About nutrition, allergies, etc. Ingredient labeling, all the shiz. It'll be the perfect time to learn everythign while I'll have nothing else to do. You guys rock.
  5. WHOA! I bet I do have MS... I just started researching it. MS also causes hearing loss, something that I have. hm... wow, interesting, I'm researching it still so I still don't know much but would a regular family doctor be able to diagnose this? what is the treatment... hm... I'll find out here in a minute... thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Hell yeah you can come! ... well, I should probably ask Caroline first =p (the lady in Mexico) thanks guys... when your mind is like this you never know when you're thinking clear or not. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy. And yeah, it is a great idea, only one problem tho... what if I don't get better? I'm seeing an allergist, going to get tested for dairy and what not. As of now, I'm dairy free and probably not gluten-free, only because of my pizza-delivery job. and yeah, I can't live like this, it isn't worth it. I need to fix my health before anything else. IMO, it's the most important thing anyways.
  7. I can't take this anymore. I'm out of it. I feel like I'm dead. Just now, I was talking on my cell phone and then all of the sudden I realized my phone was missing. It wasn't sitting on my desk anymore. I looked everywhere for it, for about five minutes, and then I realized that I was using the phone. Duh. Earlier this morning, I completely walked to the wrong car. Didn't even look anything like mine. After that, at the MDV, I was there to take a motorcycle written test and read a sign that said road test - I walked there not even realizing that I was going the wrong way. etc etc... all these things are normal, happen CONSTANTLY. No exaggeration... of course I have other problems like tired as hell, asthma, freezing cold hands from anemia, headaches, dizziness, sensation of passing out... shakiness, feeling really shakey and weak right now for no reason. Etc. symptoms I'm sure a lot of us have. All Celiac-related, I think. In my Intro to Writing class, I was talking with my group and we decided that I'd come up with the actual proposal for our proposal speech. I said okay, but whose going to come up with the solution? Duh, the solution is the proposal. I can't think. I was embarrased, but it didn't affect me because I'm so used to it. I'm not emo. I try not to complain. I don't like talking about my condition because people don't like hearing it. I just realize that I have a problem. A SERIOUS problem and I cannot continue anymore. I seriously think that being in this pizza factory, just the smell, is making me sick. Who knows. I've only been gluten free for one month and got glutened once. I can't do this. I can't even focus on the road when I drive. I shouldn't even be driving, I'm a great driver, but I feel out of control and dangerous sometimes. I do dangerous things. ... this is killing me. I was diagnosed with gluten-sensitivety, most likely Celiac considering I have all the symptoms. I talked to my Mom. She understands. No one knows what to do about it. Everyone else just thinks either it's all psychological (in my head), or I'm just exaggerating it. Mom says I should consider staying with a friend of hers in MEXICO. I was like, what, mexico..are you kidding me?! ... then I thought about it. I could just chill (I'm not lazy, nor using this as an excuse to be, please understand... I can't live like this. I told Mom I wish there was a way I could kinda lay back and rest and take a break from life in general while I heal, it's killing me, therefore she brought this up) It sounds extreme doesn't it... but Caroline, my Moms friend, is a health nut. Works at a health store. Eats organic everything, is brilliant, smart, etc etc. I'd be able to just read and heal and learn how to cook, not worry about life for a few months or until this summer or however long it takes for my symptoms to go away. I'd have high-speed internet access, no problem there. Right now, I avoid everyone at College. I don't want to be there if I can't even enjoy it. I don't want them to see me accidently plug my ipod charger into my cell phone, or forget what day it is three times in one minute. ... this is insane. why am I like this? I need to quit trying to live with it and realize that I do have a serious problem. I've done that. Now I need an escape from life for a while. Am I out of my mind?! It was my mom who suggested it after all... the problems I see are a) No one will understand. People will think I am running away from life. I am not. I might lose my scholarship (I'll do my homework on that before I make my decision). People go on their mission and wait two years before they go to College all the time. It's normal for people to not even start until their 20. I'm 18. Maybe it's not such a big deal if I take one semester off... c) what if I started feeling better soon? like one month? I guess I'd just deal with the fact that I wasted a semester. I doubt this would happen anyways, I've been this way my whole life and getting worst.... I'm sure theres other problems... but those are the main ones. I'm not worried about being bored. I can read, learn my disease better, learn my diet better, maybe even learn spanish, I don't know... I'd always have my laptop and internet too. Could study things I've always wanted to study too, like real estate, not this school stuff that'll hardly make me any money =P most importantly, I'd be able to focus my life on health for a while. Rest. Get better. And this takes time. And I can't do it while I'm in school, working 35 hours a week and doing pilot training. Maybe I should just keep doing what I'm doing. but I can't focus, my head feels like an ocean and sometimes I feel good, but usually I feel like... bleeping shi-stuff. I can even live with the pain, I'd do it in a heartbeat. That's not the problem. THe problem is I can't do anything right. I'm unoperable. Not even able to do anything in a logical sequence. Doing everything wrong. Constantly making mistakes. Can't even balance out a checkbook, well, i can but it takes a ton of concentration and I have to reread it a thousand times to make sure I didn't use the wrong lines or something, because I generally do. Wow. Long rant. What do you guys think... I want to make sure I'm not going crazy, which I think I am.
  8. I'm going way off-topic, but how much did that change your life? being gluten-free for 10 years? do you feel perfectly normal now? how long did it take? etc? I realize everyone is different, just trying to get an idea. Any info would be great!
  9. two years gluten-free and you're still light-headed and dizzy?
  10. Are you kidding me? Six months? Aw man... I've been extremely dizzy and lightheaded lately, have been my whole life mainly, but ever since going gluten-free, after like the first two days, its became way worse... How long did it take?
  11. Okay, I'm aware that I'm a guy and all, and I hope I'm not freaking you out or anything jk anyways, if I were you, I'd keep breastfeeding. As for the nutrients, I'd take supplements and keep eating healthy. I just found out then when I was barely a year old my Mom put me on dairy milk (she didn't know any better back then) so that she could breastfeed my 1 year younger brother. Anyways, she said my forehead like got all swollen and it didn't go away until she changed my diet. That's one reason I know I'm allergic to dairy as well. Also, everywhere I read it seems like breastfeeding is the healthy thing to do for your baby. Which makes sense to me. Seems to me like all kinds of problems happen when women don't breastfeed their babies/don't do it long enough. As you probably guessed tho, I've never tried it. So I wouldn't know.
  12. Sounds like me... err, except the denial part. Uh oh, typo... I mean to say sounds like he could be a Celiac (Celiac causes all of those symptoms).
  13. geez, how do you find out if you're allergic to it? Any testing available anywhere? I could do trial and error, but how would i do that? read all my food labels for MSG?
  14. I'm having a brain foggy day too -- can anyone tell me what MSG is? like what foods are they in and why is it so bad?
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