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  1. Wow. I know this is an old thread...I can't disagree more with 2 statements made here: 1) that cross-contamination is over-rated and 2) that gluten or wheat is rarely added to dairy products aside from ice cream with cookies. A lot of people who are sensitive to gluten, celiacs and others, get sick from cross-contamination. There are whole brands of ice cream, like Blue Bell, that add wheat to their ice cream.
  2. Their turkey pepperoni is NOT gluten free, so perhaps there is some cross-contamination? I have their package of turkey pepperoni and it does no say "gluten free" on it. I believe it used to. I had read years ago that it was, I think, so I've been eating it and not knowing that it was no longer gluten-free. It's also not listed on their gluten-free list on their web site. http://www.hormel.com/Brands/Gluten-Free I have been getting sick and only eating at home, so I've been testing foods in my kitchen with my NIMA gluten sensor, and it found gluten in the turkey pepperoni. I find that I'm a lot more sensitive now to cross-contamination than I used to be, so maybe you are, too. Hope that helps! Bottom line, though, if it makes you sick, don't eat it... Suzanne
  3. Norah, my husband gets this same thing sometimes. What did your doctor say? My husband hates going to doctors but suspects it has something to do with acid relux. He finds that eating slower and chewing his food more carefully prevents the problem. If you have the problem again, you might try alka seltzer or Coke to help dissolve the food if it is stuck. But of course go by what your doctor says... Good luck! Suzanne Lanoue http://suzann.com
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