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    thomas 2 copies DQ2 <br /><br />positive through Enterolab for gluten and casein<br /><br />I've been following diet with him and fatigue and reflux have improved

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  1. This happens to my son too!!!!! His blood test was postive for Celiac and we're waiting for the biopsy. His ears get bright RED and SUPER HOT!!!!!!!!
  2. The range is different for everyone. There is not a standard set of numbers that is normal for all.
  3. Funny that this thread came up as my son's celiac panel was positive and our doctor, we have an AWESOME one, also ran tests looking for anemia and thyroid issues. They all seem so related. My son's ferritin was a 33 and the range for him was 28-365, considered normal. There IS NOT a standard range...