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  1. i watched wife swap on monday and was grossed out by them eating raw meat and eggs. they were healthy but i think that part of it was because they had all their own chickens and cows and stuff so at least they knew if the meat they got came from a healthy animal. i only eat raw vegetables. i don't like the taste of cooked ones and eat a lot of fruit but i also feel as though i need the cooked food in my diet for variety.
  2. Baby Shower

    thank you for all the ideas. I would love more suggestions if anyone has some.
  3. Baby Shower

    ok, my best friend is pregnant and I am responsible for throwing the baby shower. I am extremely happy to do so but I have no idea what to do. I am only 21 as is she and I have only been to one baby shower in my life and it was amost 10 years ago. I was wondering if you guys could give me some good ideas on any part of throwing a baby shower. Thanks!
  4. I wish that it was going to be 6 or 7 here tomorrow! Right now it is -29 with a windchill of -45 and it is supposed to be about that cold in the morning when i get up. If it is going to be cold we should at least be able to have a bunch of snow which we don't.
  5. i watch this show every week and have heard them talk about gluten free food other times. I don't remember who it was that couldn't eat it. it might of been buzz but then we see him drinking beer on the show so i don't know. but if you watch it on a regular basis you will hear it come up every once in a while.
  6. Snow Day!

    dog sledding is one of my favorite things to do in the winter... when there is snow! my boyfreinds mom has 19 huskies that pull us however this year we can't go its not safe. They have canceled the dog sled races except for the large one here. But the dogs will be pulling idling 4 wheelers this year instead of sleds because there isn't enough snow! The worst part is that it is -18 degrees out and no snow! the lakes aren't even frozen enough to snowmobile on! and winter is my FAVORITE time of year!!!
  7. Snow Day!

    i am so jealous! everyone is getting snow and we still aren't getting any here. there is snow to the north, south, east, and west of my town but none near us. I live in northern minnesota where we should have multiple feet by now but when i look out my window i still see GRASS!! there isn't even enough snow to cover it yet!
  8. I think i can answer a few of these questions for you. Egg salad= yes if all the ingredients are safe we make ours with just eggs, miracle whip, and mustard all of which are ok. Ranch drssing= i believe kraft ranch dressing is gluten free. again read the ingredients but they will clearly lable it as wheat, oats, rye, or barley if its in it. Wal-Mart= we don't have one where I am at but i have heard that the super wal-mart has gluten free things in their grocery store. White bread= i never found a good store bought one. the best bet is to make your own there are some good mixes out there but none seem to taste like gluten bread. i believe that the things on the list are gluten free but you can never be too sure unless you read the ingredients. hard at first but you get used to it pretty fast. i haven't been out to eat but i know that there are some restraunts that have gluten free menus but there is always a rist of cross contamination. someone else should be able to help on that one. I actually just reintroduced gluten into my diet because i wasn't seeing any changes after months, i had no adverse effects from this but i have read that some people do. the children who do not have to be gluten free can eat gluten in their lunches at school if you want them too. i would have them wash their hands and brush their teeth when they got home so that there were no cross contamination problems. I hope this helped some. Also remember that meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds are all naturally gluten free. along with some others.
  9. i am so jealous of you!! you are complaining about a bunch of snowstorms and right now i would give anything to have a few feet of snow on the ground! I live in northern minnesota where we should be getting a bunch of snow storms but this year there is nothing! and its still in the 40's. winter is my favorite time of the year and it sucks that we aren't getting any real winter here yet. i'm sorry that you don't like it. maybe we should switch places for this winter. haha
  10. i tend to do this all the time! at my house we have actual handles on all the doors and no knobs and i am always bumping into them. i know it hurts really bad! i usually get a bruise that lasts a week or so like any other bruise and it hurts pretty bad for a few days. and i have never injured something major. hope you feel better soon.
  11. hello guys! I am just popping in with an update on how i am doing. so i decided to try eating gluten again it tasted SOO good!! This is the 4th day that i have been eating it and i haven't had any side effects. i mean i don't feel great but i didn't ever feel great even gluten free. but its weird i haven't felt really bad since i started eating it again. i started out slow with just 3 little spritz cookies the first day then just one piece of pizza the next day, toast yesterday!!! and then toast and pizza today! well we will have to see how this goes. i didn't want to jump in to a huge meal of gluten right away. its so weird, when i first went gluten free i thought it was so hard to figure out if things were gluten free or not and now when i don't have to think about it i still find myself thinking about what is in the food that i am eating.
  12. no i am not having the same problems as you. i am actually having a bunch of symptoms some digestive and some that are not. but after 3 months and not feeling any better i am about to test myself with gluten. and i did just now! i only ate 2 spritz cookies so we will see how it goes even though everything makes me sick so i don't know if i will notice a difference. keep me updated on how it is going for you.
  13. sal-- i was wondering if you decided to reintroduce gluten into your diet or not. i have been trying to decide if i should try to or not. i had the bloodwork done and it was negative. and i have been gluten free for 3 months with ABSOLUTLY no improvements. if you did reintroduce, how did you do it?? thanks. linds
  14. we have stainless steel and the only thing i notice is finger prints that always show up on the fridge. but all i do is take the soapy dish rag and wipe it down when doing the dishes and then dry it and they come right off. also they don't seem to show up on the handle just when we touch the flat door part.
  15. here is the gluten free list from their website...... hope it helps. GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS If you suffer from celiac disease (gluten intolerance) you will be pleased to know that the Ore-Ida
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