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  1. Oh, your post made me laugh today!! I too, am irritated by the amount of thin mints versus samoas. I did buy a box of thin mints from my friends daughter. My friend asked, "only one box?" LOLOL Well, my dh is the ONLY one that can eat the darn things.. grrr. I think I will try the rice crispy thing! Are cocoa pebbles gluten free?
  2. I've made a pretty good banana bread from scratch. Honestly, when I bake, i just modify gluten recipes. So, in my better homes and garden book, I take their recipe, and replace the flours, and a tsp of zanthan gum to make it all gluten like. LOL My usual flour combo is with rice flour/tapioca flour/potato starch.
  3. 4 squares of semi sweet bakers squares, plus two ounces of milk chocolate chips 3/4 cup butter or margarine 1-1/2 cups of sugar 3 eggs 2 tsp. vanilla 2-1/2 cups of flour ( 1 cup brown rice flour, 3/4 cup potato STARCH (not flour),3/4 cup of tapioca flour 1-1/2 tsp. zanthan gum) 1 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp salt 1 1/2 cups water I actually revised a gluten chocolate cake I using the bakers chocolate squares one bowl recipe. melt in a bowl the following: 4 squares of semi sweet chocolate, 2 ounces of milk chocolate chips and 3/4 cup of butter or margarine. Stir in 1 1/2 cups of sugar until blended, then add the eggs one at a time beating with a mixer. Stir in vanilla, In a separate bowl, mix all your dry stuff. and then slowly add dry ingredients, alternating adding the water slowly. bake in over 35 minutes for pan cake or 25 for jumbo muffin pan at 350 Sorry, I suck at writing out recipes. So, if you want to attempt this feel free to ask me any questions. I just used a mainstream chocolate cream cheese frosting. My husband said this chocolate cake was the BEST cake he has ever tasted, and requested it AGAIN!!!! He usually knocks a lot of the stuff I make when I experiment. This was a winner!
  4. I am with you on the bean flours. I hate them. I've only ever made lasagna noodles that I liked and a pizza crust with it. I am also experimenting with making some sort of a wrap. Why not do the bette Hagman recipe, but replace the bean flours with a rice/corn/tapioca blend, and then add more liquid to make it pourable. I know it seems like the stuff you end up rolling out and cutting, cracks if you try to wrap it. As soon as I come up with something, I'll definately share what I figure out!
  5. Oh you guys, I am SO sorry if I freaked anyone out about the salt! I guess I'm just wondering if I keep eating salt, and not really worrying about iodine, will the dh still go away if my body becomes squeaky clean from gluten? I'm trying to figure out if its just my horomones that are bringing out the worst of the rash, or if its the salt. Or maybe its both, scince I seem to start the breakout a few days before my period gets here, then I continue to break out for a week or more depending on how horrible I was with my diet.
  6. For a while, I've been wondering why my body is itching so much still, and recently I've had some nasty outbreaks. I am so careful about what I cook and eat now. I make everything from scratch. But now I see on the board, that iodized salt is no good. uuugh. So, here I am baking all this wonderful gluten-free foods, but ADDING salted butter, or other ingredients that contain salt. Is there a percentage of iodized salt that a dh sufferer can tolerate without breaking out? Or, what about when my rash is finally gone, or under control, then can the iodized salt be added back into the diet? and here is my last question. Is is safe to ASSUME that when an ingredient says "sea salt" that it means its NOT iodized salt? I'm so bummed. I found that Stagg chili is gluten free, but its loaded with the salt. Then on top of that I like to add mission tortilla chips and cheese on that.. More salt.. How great will it be, when I go over to families, and YET again decline EVEN MORE food!!! "sorry, can't eat that either." "Oh, I could have eaten that if you wouldn't have smothered it with IODIZED salt!"
  7. OH interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could this be WHY I break out so horribly around my period??? Lately I've been eating truckloads of chocolate AND CHEESE! My rash is so bad lately.
  8. Most definately do!! I still do not know why it does this but it is awful. I've been gluten free for a few months and still break out pretty bad. :-( Every monthI try desperately to NOT eat iodized salt and sugar. I do it anyway because I have horrid pms and cravings.
  9. It has to be corn thins for me. They are like rice cakes, only MUCH thinner. Egg salad on them, or peanut butter is awesome. Or cheese, miricle whip and sweet pickles. Oh, how I love these, and they are about the same price as a loaf of gluten bread. and lundbergs rice chips! The santa Fe Barbeque flavored. Those are absolutely addicting. And I've come up with a GREAT white bread recipe ALL on my own that tastes exellent. And I love Pamelas pancake and baking mix.
  10. Maybe you are needing some vitamins? I know one of my symptoms is aching joints when I accidently get a bit of something. I try to just remember all my vitamins. I have too many that I take, but they do help!
  11. I guess I just need to vent. I've been gluten free for many months now, and I've only cheated ONCE. I am careful, and I bake all my own treats, ect.. I do go out to eat every once in a while, but its rare now. Every time I eat out I get sick now. My rash is so bad right now. I feel like saying screw it, I'll just eat whatever I want. I'm suffering still anyway. Now that I've been gluten free, I am even more sensitive it seems. I must be glutening myself somehow, and I don't know how. Or I remember someone mentioning iodized salt making the dh rash worse. Could it be the salt? Now I'm starting to rethink my soaps and detergents as well. I'm so itchy right now, and I have some horrible, discusting scabs. I'm having trouble sleeping too. should I consider the dapsone drug? I am breastfeeding right now, and worry about that. I just want to be better. I think someone needs to invent one of thos magic erasers for dh. LOL Excuse me. Its late, and I've been an insomniac for 4 days now.
  12. I guess I'm no help either, but was curious as well. I have such horrible scarring all over my body. I am thankful though, that my face was spared. Maybe someone on here has some good advice. I'll be watching this thread.
  13. thank you Pam!! Your reply was the answer I was looking for!!! I will add it to my new recipe.
  14. wow!!!! Your post really got me thinking.. School parties. Time to batch cook and freeze cookies, cakes.. Well, junk food. I'm frustrated for you and your son.
  15. I have REALLY eaten something bad! I can not pinpoint what though. I've been eating a lot of plain hershey bars. and I ate an entire bag of hersheys kisses with caramel in them. And I cooked food at my inlaws house in their scratched up teflon pans. That was probably the worse mistake. Oh, and today I ate a nutrageous fun sized candybar. I was not sure if it was gluten free or not. I still ate it. In the last month, I've been eating so much chocolate. I don't think I've EVER in my life consumed so much sweets like I have this month. Every morning I wake up, and vow to eat all natural, only to buy a hersheybar, or something at the store.
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