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  1. I'm not sure about the iced coffee, though one staff member told me the hot chocolate powder had gluten in it..not 100% sure if this is true for all of the places. Starbux - are gluten free friendly. Hot chololates, coffees, etc are gluten free. Except for anything that obviously would have it...
  2. Howdy, I found that noodle.com in Randwick makes good gluten free dishes and even has their own gluten free menu. Which is good seeing as i'm moving about 200m away from it very soon. A quick tale.. After going for what I thought was 3mths without any incidents, my mother accidently swapped...
  3. To be honest I've found Indian food is one of the best places. Well, decent Indian food places. Though I really want to find some Thai places, its the food i'm missing out on the most. Thanks Aussie Peg for your information, though I must say you were right when you said it was a lot! I'm...
  4. I had a great time at the Expo on Saturday. It was great trying so many different types of food. I was a bit dissapointed that it focused mainly on baked products, rather than having a few more varieties of sauces, etc. Anyhows, I just found this site. I'm from Sydney and work in the City. ...