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  1. Are the photos in the link being provided to us newbies typical or extreme cases of DH? It sounds like everyone presents in different ways? I have a rash on the inside of my forearms. It starts with small pimples that become rash like. It then becomes dry and the pimples scab over. Could it be DH? Does DH itch, burn and sting when you sweat? This rash does and becomes worse. TIA
  2. I have made an appointment with the same GI specialist instead of starting all over with a new. I am going to request a celiac panel since the more I read the more I think celiac is a possibility. I have not been on a low carb diet for months now so it shouldn't affect the results. I'll come back when I have results. Thanks again, Chris
  3. Hi, I have been having GI problems ( mostly cramps and diaherria) since the birth of my eldest child (5yrs). I have been to a GI specialist and he did a colonoscopy. He found nothing and diagnosed me with IBS. I still continue to have problems and have developed others since that time that include hypothyroidism, rash on inside of forearms, and scalp sores. I'd like to add that I had been on a low carb diet and had felt some releif. Could I possibly have celiac disease? Should I find a different GI specialist? And, what test should I have done? TIA Chris
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