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  1. First time on blog site!My son has just moved to attend college. He has been having fatique, brainfog(as he calls it), weakness, trouble concentrating and recently found out he is anemic. I'm having a hard time getting him to understand the importance of going to a GI doctor to have a definative test for Celiac(my aunt is a celiac and both my husband and I have heavy thyroid disease in our families, including ourselves!!!) He has been working with an ENT Dr. that is testing for food allergies and they have come back positive for wheat, dairy and soy. (He had big sinus problems all summer and ended up having a septoplasy in late July)I think he is in the denial stage right now although he is making a big effort to go gluten,dairy and soy free. He fainted at the bus stop last week on his way to class!!!! He has withdrawn from classes for the semester to try and get to the bottom of his illness. We have an appointment with a GI doctor next week but he still says things like "I just don't think that's necessary". He wants to just continue working with his ENT Dr. that found his "food allergies". Don't worry, I'm insuring that he go to the GI Dr. next week, I'm going with him but...this all does sound like celiac right??
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