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  2. I think you badly need to read the book to understand it...
  3. Where on earth does the Dr say Celiac is not a disease ? Huh? The book is full of references to the autoimune disease Celiac. Have you read the book ? Atkins was a great diet but where it lets people dow is the fact that it allows whole grain wheat back into the diet in small quantities. Even that is enough to cause the opiate like addiction to continue and the inflammation effects. I did Atkins years ago and did well for a while but it was always tough to keep the weight off and stay on the Diet. Wheat Belly is not like that... as the trigger food is eliminated 100%. I agree that most gluten-free commercial food is crap food. But so many people think it is healthier or safe food to eat. Dr Davis explains how gluten-free flours like rice flour, tapioca flour and potato flour spike the Blood Sugar worse than wheat. And lets not even think about how bad fruit is too. How many "healthy' diet plans let you eat all the fruit you like - and increase your Blood Sugar by fructose instead ! Same could be said for Paleo type diets. Eat healthy and you get healthy. Great idea and that is what Wheat Belly is. Great way to eat and so easy once the trigger foods are explained.
  4. Where on earth did you find Dr Davis say that ???? Please - READ the book and do not misquote. At no stage does he say ANYTHING like that. But he does say that the worst critics come from the Celiacs who fail to see that no one should be eating wheat. ( and grains ) . Lose the wheat and regain your health applies to everyone... not just people with the autoimmune disease.
  5. It might be an idea to check your Vitamin D, Calcium, Ionised Calcium and PTH ( several times ) - in case you have a Parathyroid adenoma causing the bone loss. Most Drs don't get Hyperparathyroidism at all - they still think it is a rare disease.. If they kept up to date they would find the stats are 1 in 250 woman over the age of 50 have HPT... which I would not call rare - would you ? Only one cure and chance to reverse the bone loss of HPT and that is surgery.
  6. These Blog posts " Eat More Sugar" , "Jelly Beans and Ice Cream ", "Gluten Free Muffin Top", " Heart Poison".... sort of explain... Reading "Heart Poison" was my light globe moment. http://www.wheatbell...ry/gluten-free/ And this was the Before and After that inspired me to start ....
  7. I just LOVE this book!!!! Dr Davis is a Saint ! A Saviour !!! I read the book last August and started Sept. I lost 10 kg before Christmas without any effort at all... and this in itself was amazing as I had no hunger, and at not stage felt deprived AND I did not increase exercise and in fact decreased it... I had ONE meal with sugar over Christmas and felt instantly ill again and it took a week for the fatigue to wear off. I am definately a Wheat Bellyer ! As the book explains - stopping wheat ( as it is so unhealthy ) and eating substitute gluten-free carbs like rice flour , tapioca flour and potato starch is then WORSE. Sky high triglycerides etc, artrial plaque, inflammation markers for Diabetes, Heart Disease, RA, etc etc all increase. The gluten-free commercial food diet is very unhealthy.. Someone asked why a cardiologist is writing a book about food. Well - he put his patients on this diet for them to reduce their heart attack risks. It reduces Hb1AC, Blood Glucose, Tricylerides and the nasty small LDL particles... Along the way he discovered that people would bounce into his next appt - feeling the best they had felt in 20 years, off NSAIDs, off statins, off BP meds etc etc and ..... 20, 50, 100 pounds lighter without even trying ! He knew he had to get the message out to the world. Wheat free if for everyone. Grain free. Low sugar. Only exception is young growing children who can need a slightly higher carb count for the day. But not wheat Wheat is worse than a bowl of jelly beans. Commercial gluten-free carbs are worse than a bowl of jelly beans. People have to stop living on jelly beans ! I now have lost 15 kg ( 33 pounds ) feel and look 10 years younger and have people stopping and asking me what I have done. The traditional gluten-free diet was killing me. We now eat like Kings , save money at the Store and will be a normal weight again ! I am already down 3 sizes. My stubborn hard to shift for last 5 years weight has just melted off. Hubbie started before me and has lost 80 pounds total and is at goal weight. I have Thyroid issues and have had to change thyroid meds again and I am on cortisone but none the less... the weight keeps coming off, my skin and hair are glowing and I feel so energised ! I nearly had total knee replacement 2 years ago and spent 4 months on crutches... now I have barely any pain!!
  8. Sorry for your pain. I have had that and sympathise... You are not going to like what you hear about my treatment for SIBO but it was antibiotics. Mine was neomycin as C was my symptom...Only a normal course I think.. I then did strict FODMAP. Onions are my worst trigger food and then apples. I never touch artificial sweeteners anyway and rarely ate fruit but you have to watch for hidden fructose everywhere... I also went yeast free. And had to change things like white rice instead of brown rice... After 12 months - symptoms are much better...I can have a dash of onion occasionally now
  9. I oly discovered I was lactose intolerant after giving up Gluten. C was my symptom of Gluten and D is my symptom of Lactose so they cancelled ach other out pre dx I gave up dairy for 2 years ... longest years of my life ! Then I had hydrogen breath tests which showed it was only lactose. I am fine with butter, cream, hard cheeses and lactose free milk.
  10. This link explains how to reintroduce foods...
  11. Hi , Sounds like you have a few things happening there. Are you FODMAP ? I am not sure what FrucMal is ...but if you are FODMAP then you need to see a good dietician to explain it. I think Sue Shepherd does skype consults still. You have mentioned afew things that suggests you need this help. For eg - the fruits of FODMAP can be eaten. It is all about balance and quantity. Did you know you can eat glucose with the danger fruits to balance out the fructose molecule. Have you considered onions ?They are a major FODMAP intolerance for a lot of people. Not all fruits and vegetables have the same load either.. You talk of lactose intolerance and giving up cheese. No need for that. Hard cheese has very little lactose as does butter, cream and greek yoghurt. You mention the wheat but are you totally gluten-free ?What about barley, rye, oats.. I react to corn and sorghum too. Have you been tested for Celiac ? I am FODMAP as well as Coeliac and lactose intolerant and have a great diet. Schar pasta is brilliant and why can't you eat Mexican? Almond flour baking is easy and stores well. Hubbie and have risottos, asian stir fries, fried rice,pasta meals, all the time. Lots of variety. No need to go without..
  12. georgie

    Colitis- From Being Glutened?

    I got diverticulitis from a Glutening and needed antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon. Most people don;t have a clue what Coeliac can do to our bodies.
  13. Hi Keggy, Sorry you are unwell. I have had blood clots and a PE so know what you are going through right now. Have you been tested for Factor V Leiden and APS ( Hughes Syndrome ) ? is a genetic disease of the blood that never skips a generation but can increase the risk of clotting. I have FVL but they only tested me 3 years after my first DVT. It was only discovered in around 1995 so lots of Drs know very little about it. It i a genetic blood test. APS is an autoimmune disease of the blood and therefore could be assoc with Coeliac and Hashimotos Thyroid. It is assoc with Lupus as well, but you can have Lupus and not have APS and vice versa. The tests for APS start with the lupus tests. Hope this helps a bit..
  14. Its not just an American problem In Australia we have had 5ppm as our standard. So anything reputable and stamped as gluten-free would be required to be tested to that level. Now the standard is being changed to 20ppm. We are being told that 20 ppm does not matter. That we should be happier with a wider selection of cheaper gluten-free food. Yeh right... I react to 20ppm and I know of many that do. There are studies that PROVE 20ppm food is accumulative. So one biscuit with 20ppm ... may.... be 'just OK' but 10 biscuits may send you under. But 'scientific evidence' says 20ppm does not cause villi damage which is all the Coeliac brokers here seem to think matters. Fogginess, falling asleep at the steering wheel when driving, hives, continued malabsorption..... "must be something else"
  15. georgie

    Negative Changes With Methyl B12

    B12 tablets never did it for me. It had to be hydroxo injections. I had them weekly for nearly a year and even now still need them every few weeks.