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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Has anyone tried the enzyme product from Klaire Labs called SerenAide? It is an enzyme that is supposed to help with the absorption of gluten and various others. I am interested in getting it for my Grandmother and wanted some input. Thanks.
  3. Can maltodextrin have anything to do with breakouts? It seems like it is a main ingredient in almost everything. Please advise.
  4. Thank You so much. I will pass this information on to my Grandma. You have been very helpful. Dawn
  5. My grandma was diagnosed over 2 years ago. We watch everything we eat and use. She still has breakouts. We are beginning to wonder if it's not her vitamins and supplements. Maybe even her shampoo. She also has osteoporosis and must take calcium. Does anyone have the name of some safe vitamins and calcium supplements. Also, brands of shampoo that are safe? We are about at our wits end. Help please
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