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  1. Thank you all so much for your replies, what a friendly, helpful and informative forum. Having spent some time looking through this site I am definately going to try the gluten free diet regardless of my biopsy results. I actually found out tonight that my great uncle had celiac disease so it is in the family. Unfortunately i already suffer from a serious nut allergy so i am used to restaurant paranoia and label obsession but this just further reduces the amount of goodies i can enjoy. Nevermind, health is more important than fajitas, brownies and boo hoo apparently whiskey!!!! is this true or can I still have Jack Daniels???? There seem to be lots of good gluten free outlets in the USA, i live in the UK, can anyone recommend a good shop over here. Sainsburys and Tesco seem to be ok but I was very dissapointed with the selection at Asda. Thanks everyone
  2. Hi I'm new and just going through the process of being tested. I have suffered with daily squits for over a year, sometimes 5 - 6 times in a morning and I get a very uncomfortable bloating pain just under my rib cage. If i eat out at a restaurant I am often sick afterwards. The more I read about the disease, the more I think 'blimey, that sounds like me'. I tested weak positive for the antibody that is present in celiac disease (not sure exactly what that means) so the doctor sent me for a gastroscopy. Straight after the test the nurse said that 'everything looked normal'. My question is; if my small intestine 'looks normal' does that mean I don't have it? or can the damage be missed by eye but will show up after labs on the biopsy. After all this, I was actually looking forward to finding a solution to my problem, I have been feeling poorly and depressed for so long. Thanks.
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