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  1. thank you for your quick responses and encouragement!!! you people are great. i have another question though. is it possible that the constant inflammation caused by the celiac disease is preventing healing processes in the body? i explain. my girlfriend had a motorcycle accident about 10 months ago, badly spraining her ankle. It still hurts her incredibly today, but all doctors (again those damn doctors) are saying she should be feeling fine by now, and that there is nothing to do... My question is: Is it possible that the celiac is preventing the torn ligaments to repair themselves (or stop hurting at least)? Another question: How does a person become celiac? I know it's in one's genes, but is there something that triggers it? Another one: So my girlfriend started the gluten-free diet a few days ago... how long does it usually take before she sees improvement? should she stop eating milk and soy just in case she is also intolerant to those? Thank you!!! Jan
  2. Hello all, I am not celiac, but my girlfriend most probably (hopefully) is. She is 24, and in the last 3-4 years her health went really bad. Depression, constant (every moment for a few years now) nausea and headaches, bloating, abdominal pain, zero energy, no appetite, anxiousness, teeth sensitivity, etc. She is simply going crazy with all this, and I am starting to as well... She has seen many doctors for these symptoms and NONE of them tested her for celiac. Most doctors don't believe her because all blood tests come back negative (dumb doctors don't give the right tests i suppose), and one even told her it was psycho-somatic (great way to get rid of a patien, right?). Last month, she did a barium test (drinking a white liquid while they take xrays of your intestines) and the physician told her she might have celiac (how he supposed that I don't know). She then came back to see her family doctor, did the special blood test for celiac, and it came back negative. You can imagine the disapointment... I then looked through this forum, still convinced it's celiac (because I want/need it to be celiac), and I ran across the Enterolab tests... Should she go with the full-on tests (369$) or just do some? Does anybody have any experience with Enterolab? Are the tests reliable? Should she do more tests since it's possible that it's not even celiac, but something else? Can these symptoms be caused by something else too? I would be very greatful if someone could answer some of my questions, especially about Enterolab. Oh, another question: I am from Montreal, Canada, and i was wondering if there are any special clinics here, or is it possible to do the same kinds of tests in Montreal. Thank you so much in advance!!! I just really want my girlfriend to come back to the amazing and full of life person she was before... Jan (pronounced Yan)
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