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  1. Not sure if I am to late for this reply, since i just sign on.. But besides Red Lobster and Swiss Chalet.. there is a few place my family (my mom, sister and I are all Celiacs) can go and ate and not have to worry about gluten .. Mexican Food: Acapulco Delight its on 656 Pitt Street West, they offer many items that come in corn!! Like toastadas, enchillidas etc... even combos (you could ask to substitute the flour item for the corn item e.g. get an corn taco instead of burrito) Chinese Food: some places have excellent rice noodle dishes that can be offered and Yang Chow Rice, which does not have soya sauce (since most restaurants use soya sauce that contains wheat) which is good as well... be wary cafeful of certain types of sauces, due to a lot contain wheat.... also if you want to be creative and try to make some chinese dishes at your own home, visit a chinese shop, a lot of the products are rice and you could try out rice wraps.... Sushi Places: be careful of imitation crab meat: has wheat... also anything that is fried, but does offer a few dishes with out flour... Right now that is all I can think of... There is also a mexican place on Tecumseh East, but i can not think of its name, but u can get a few mexican good there as well (it sells homemade empanadas)... But mostly all Canadian style food places are hit and miss... a lot use wheat and sometimes you want more then fries, nachos, salads and grilled chicken lol (which even just getting fries and nacho is hard!!!) hope this helps, Britt
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