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  1. Yes, my daughter eats them with no problem, although the hashbrowns are not gluten free.
  2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, after reading some of the other discussions on here, im thinking that I might not be all gluten out of her diet. I never thought of checking bandaids and paper towels. Just yesterday I realized that i was giving her vitamins with gluten. I feel like such a horrible mother. Did anyone else have this much trouble starting out with the diet? I really need to find a support group around here. Does anyone live in NC and know of one around Fayetteville? I found a number on this website, but when I called it the man said i had the wrong number??
  3. Not Eating

    Hi, everyone. My daughter just turned 2, she was diagnosed with celiac when she was 20 mo. We first knew somthing was wrong when she stared loosing weight and throwing up every couple of days for no apparent reason, she wouldnt eat anything but bread and pasta (no wonder she was sick so much), but after putting her on the gluten-free diet she starting eating like she had never tasted food before, we were so happy...she gained 4 lbs in the first 4 months. But she is back to her old ways...i cant get her to eat anything (although not throwing up). My husband is in the army and is deployed right now, I dont know if that has something to do with it (shes a big time daddys girl). She did good the first couple of months he was gone, but not anymore. She keeps telling me that her stomach hurts, but im pretty sure im not giving her anything she shouldn't have. I try to explain to her that if she eats her tummy wont hurt, but i cant get through to her. No matter what i try i cant get her to eat. All she wants to do is drink. I wont give her the cup until she has eaten but im scared that is going to dehydrate her since she will only eat literally one bit of every meal. i dont know what to do, any suggestions? Has anyone else had a similar situation? Her attitude has gotten much worse within the last months also, there could be many factors causing this though. Daddy being gone, terrible two's....but could this have something to do with it also? by the way what is corn gluten...can she have that since it is not wheat gluten?
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