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  1. Palmolive dish soap is gluten-free, dove hand soap and shampoo....I will have to look up some laundry soap, back soon.

    Ajax and Gain Deterg. - gluten-free

    There are others, but these are the ones on the new Delfi Product List for 2006. Hope this can get you started. :)

    Thank you so much for ur response. It will be very helpful

    Hi Mona--welcome to the board! :)

    Dove will clearly list any gluten, so you're ok there. In addition to gluten-free products, I also choose products without SLS or other harsh detergents whenever possible. I don't have DH, but I do get itching and eczema.

    Some good products to look for--ShiKai Shampoo and Conditioner, Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Soap, Jason Showersilk Liquid shower soap--those are free of SLS.

    Other brands that are gluten-free--Softsoap, Purex Free and Clear (and regular) laundry detergent, All Free and Clear (and regular) laundry detergent.

    what is the delfi list. And also can you tell me what to look for as far as the chemicals that may contain gluten. I read my dawn bottle and nothing was obvious as far as gluten goes.