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  1. Well, its been a week and a half on the gluten free diet, and I'm nothing short of amazed. Corey is doing so much better. Granted, he's not anywhere near 100%, but he is able to get out of bed and function without taking morphine. Anything is an improvement from where we were. Hopefully he continues to improve. Thanks to everyone who convinced us to do the diet before getting blood results. I will try to keep in touch Crystal
  2. "...but i'm not quite sure if you need a referral where you live or not" yes unfortunately we do need a referral to see ANY specialist, and that doctor can ask for a new referral every 6 months. I'm sure if we move out of BC we would have an easier time. As far as I know, BC is the only province in Canada where the doctors are contracted instead of employed under the public system. They still bill the province for services though. According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, you REALLY have to prove abandonment, discrimination and emergency. The laws are set up to protect the doctors, and although the public system is great for not having to pay for services, you get the shaft in patient care more often than not.
  3. LOL you are not the first to ask. I used to play for a slo-pitch drinking ball team called the Halston Hoes. Everyone had to have a "HOE" name. There was Yo-hoe, Ivanhoe, Slowhoe among others, and every time someone dove for the ball or slid into a base that was known as a Hoedown. I use it because my first name is almost always taken (Crystal), and well, no one calls themself Probonohoe.
  4. I know I should probably start a new thread but oh well. Corey's family doctor ordered blood tests yesterday-get the results in 2 weeks. Yah, he WAS NEVER tested for Celiac disease-and I thought that his old GI was a really smart guy. We cleaned out most of the cupboards and went grocery shopping, he was quite disappointed in all the things he couldn't buy, but did he ever get excited when he found gluten-free cookies!! Last night he was still VERY sore, but he said that he didn't get his usual 1:00 am attack, when he usually likes to snack on crackers and such. I know that he wasn't up all night, and he was sleeping soundly when I woke up. And about the GI problem, it isn't that he can't find a doctor who is taking patients, he can't find a doctor who will take HIM. Its a terribly long story, but his old GI won't take him back because his receptionist doesn't like him, and everyone else doesn't want him because he's just too much work. Even the "temporary" Vancouver doctor doesn't want him back because he can't find anything wrong with him.(We live in Kamloops) His GP has been trying to get someone to take him, but doctors here don't have to if they don't want to. Maybe the GI problem will change if he gets a positivie blood test. Then they will see that he IS treatable.
  5. alright a little update here and another wonderful hospital story Corey had to go in last night, I had to stay home since i'm pregnant and sick. Corey:" What do you mean you are giving me Buscopan? I've been waiting for 5 hours and you want to give me Buscopan??" (He ended up getting morphine thankfully) Corey: "I already told you not to bother testing my red blood cells. They always come back fine, even an hour before my surgery when I had a hole in my bowel (that they didn't know about until after they removed it of course). You are wasting money." Doctor: "Oh well you have Crohn's we have to make sure everything is ok.' Corey: "I already told you I don't think I have Crohn's. Are you listening?" Corey:" Are you going to test me for Celiac disease?" Doctor:" No that's for your GI to do." Corey:" I already told you I don't have a GI. No one will take me. Are you listening?" And that about sums it up. He's home now and sleeping.
  6. sorry i should clarify...pig whipworm EGGS...its true
  7. You are absolutely right. I think I've learned enough about doctors to know they think they know more than they do. Corey just phoned his mom and told her about Celiac disease-she is nothing short of ecstatic. She is getting tested this week. (Her doctors simply don't know what to do for her and her diagnoses change like underwear) I do agree though, even if his tests come back negative we will follow a gluten-free diet to see how he does. I mean if he was just willing to drink pig whipworms from Germany for Crohn's disease I think he can manage a new diet
  8. I"m almost in tears. There is so much I want to say, and I'm stunned at the response. Not to make light, but I really hope he has Celiac and not Crohn's, cause we have hit a brick wall with Crohn's. He doesn't even have a GI anymore, he's been abandoned. The only one who cares is his GP, and wow almost every doctor in this town has either called him a "drug seeker" or "its all in your head" (those words exactly one time he threw a big stack of money he had in his pocket at a doctor and yelled," if i want drugs i'll go buy them!!!" The only question now is whether or not his old GI tested him already when they were trying to find out what was wrong with him. On Thanksgiving weekend, we have to wait until Tuesday to find out. All signs are pointing towards Celiac now, I got Corey to read some information I found and he said it was more accurate than Crohn's. His mother has had health problems her whole life has been diagnosed with thyroid and rheumatoid arthritis, and some kind of IBS-and I guess if she wants to eat a pizza she has to prepare for it a week ahead. Could she have it too? Could I have stumbled on the secret of ending this nightmare? I remember someone tellling him to eat whole wheat bread=-and that really helped. He can't eat white flour at all now, everything is whole wheat and after some quick research-wow-whole wheat has less gluten!! Can it all be a coincidence? Right now he's going to the hospital at least once a week, pumped full of morphine, and sent home because the only doctor who comes to see him is his GP. I'm sure everyone here has volumes of horror stories with doctors and hospitals.... So now I wait. And hope that this is the key to starting a happier life, cause if he's already been tested or gets come back negative I don't know what we are going to do....
  9. I was wondering if anyone has been misdiagnosed before finding out they had Celiac disease. My husband has been sick for years...since 2000 actually. 2 years ago he was finally given a diagnosis of Crohn's disease, but nothing is helping him. I was looking for alternative medicines when I found a snippet about someone being misdiagnosed with Crohn's and really having Celiac disease for 10 years or something ridiculous.. I just want to see if Celiac disease is as under/misdiagnosed as I've read so far. I want to talk to my husband's GP on Monday to confirm that he has been tested for this disease during that 4 years of being "mystery man"-but I'm hoping that he has been misdiagnosed then we have more options to get him better....
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