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  1. Thank you guys. I'm going to talk to my friends and family to decide if I want to have another edoscopy, or if I should just start the diet again. What do all of you think. I'm leaning towards just doing the diet, but I think it would also be good to have my med. records to say I have it. So I don't know. What I really hate is that she basically called me a hypocondriac (I have no idea how to spell that word). I have had to convice so many people that the pain is real, I shouldn't have to convince my doctor too.
  2. I just got back from my doctor.. she said that endo. are much more reliable than blood tests, and even if I had been on the diet, if the endo. came back neg. then I don't have it. She also said (in a nicer way) that I shouldn't listen to people on the internet, or neighbors who don't know my case personally. She said the diet doesn't affect the endo. I trust her, it's just very different from everything I've heard/read. I asked about people who only get blood tests (not endoscopies) and she said that most of them don't really have Celiac disease. So I asked why we all had positive dietary responses, but I don't remember what she said. But I got a referral to childrens hospital in boston. But now I have to wait to start the diet (again) to see what tests the new dr. is going to want to do. Either way - neg or pos - I'm starting the diet. Cause I think I have it.
  3. Cocoa pebbles are gluten-free?!?! The kind with Fred and Barney?! Please tell me this hasn't changed.. it makes my day !
  4. Thank you all SO much. This has really helped. I now have a whole sheet of paper filled with foods that are gluten-free. Thanks again!
  5. I really hope I can keep eating deli meat, then I wouldn't have to worry about lunches!
  6. I'm 16 and a junior. Anyone anywhere near around my age can IM me at ironicxox. I'd actually love it, b/c I don't know any gluten-free people around my age. I'm starting the diet tomorrow.
  7. Thank you so much! I'm feeling kind of desperate here! I tried the survivial kit, but it wouldn't download for me.
  8. Anyone In Ma?

    What about the one heading into Boston. With the big restuarante shaped like a ship next to it? By, umm, Bobs and Jimmys (resturante)
  9. Last christmas (before I was dx) I had a huge roast with my family. Immediatly after I felt sick - but what else is new. It deff. wasn't food poisening b/c no one else got sick, and because I get sick so easily all my meat is always cooked more than everyone elses. I spent the rest of christmas night and all the next day throwing that delish. meat up. And since then I don't eat red meat, and whenever I do I get just as sick. Only I don't always throw up, thank god. Has anyone else notices that before you were dx if you told anyone the list of all the things you couldn't eat b/c you get so sick.. well.. the list is never ending. As is now, but at least we know why. Being dx is actually better- I can eat MORE than I could before!
  10. I am going shopping tomorrow for the first time looking for gluten-free products. I have no idea what brands are good, what I do and do not need, or even any ideas for meals. Do I need new silverware? If people could just post their shopping lists, I would be eternally grateful! I do know the brands depend on what my local stores carry.. but any kind of help is great. I'm looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! (I am well aware this is A LOT of work for anyone willing to help.. but as soon as I get used to reading labels I can do this on my own) And would you all recommened me buying a bread machine? Oh (last one I promise) are deli-meats ok?
  11. Are the symptoms worse if you've been on the diet and then get glutened. Or is it how you used to feel all the time? As for bloating and shooting pain - if you get on your knees and rest on your forearms, it helps a LOT with cramps. I have no idea why, but it does. At least for me. It even helps with bloat. And who said they have maternity clothes?!! Cause I do that too!!!! Its awful though, because *we* know we don't really look like that, but try to tell someone else, and they think your in denial. Pasta is the worst for bloat with me.
  12. Two pre-dx: I was in a grocery store about an hour away from my house.. with no pub. bathroom. There was a Chuck E. Cheese next door.. so I went in. I was about a foot from the bathroom when an employee saw me. He asked if I had paid, and I lied. So he asked me to check my hand, and there wasn't a stamp. I didn't have any cash.. so I broke down in tears. So he said I could use it *quickly*. An hour later I came out and he was still waiting outside, making sure I didn't sneak in. It was horrible. I was visiting my grandparents, and we all went to the library. I felt fine and then all of a sudden NEEDED to go. So I asked for the bathroom, was told it was being remodeled but I could use it if I wanted, and tried so hard to walk normally. So I find the so called bathroom. No door on the stall.. and no door to the bathroom. Not only wasn't there a door, there was no wall. Luckily the doorless stall was facing away from the missing wall.. but it was still horrifying. So I finished asap and said we needed to leave. We only took one car, and my sister and her boyfriend had wandered off, to some other store. So I sat in the car and cried while my father tracked them down. Eventually we just left them. It was fun explaining to my sisters BF about my "bad stomache" Then post dx I was driving home from my aunts at about 1 in the morning. She lives about an hour away. I knew when I was at her house I had been glutened. So I left as soon as I ate it, hoping to get home before the attack hit. (She was having a very fancy dinner party with only one bathroom). So I get on the highway and five minutes pass before the worst cramps of my life hit. So I pull over because I am doubled over and crying to hard to see. After two minutes on the side of the road I need to go, so I pull back on and did about 90 the rest of the way home.
  13. I was trying to get fruit from the lunch line (I packed everything else) and the lunch ladies wouldn't let me. I explain all about Celiac disease - but they made me pay for a full lunch anyway. I was *really* mad (I mean have some compassion), I threw everything but the fruit away in front of them, and since then I bring my own fruit. Just thought I'd share my (not so bad) horror story!
  14. newbie survival kits! It's harder than I thought it would be. Cause I LOVE food. And while there are some good gluten free foods.. all my favorites (of course) aren't. Plus, it seems like no one else understands. I was telling my friends about it and they were like, "thats not so bad, I've done diets before". And then we all go out to dinner and they try to convince me to "cheat" cause "everyone does when they're on a diet". Its aggrevating, but I can't blame them. They just don't get it.
  15. Thank you all so much. I know this sounds stupid, but it is a relief. When you know something is wrong- once you find out what it is (even if it means a major life change) you feel better. Fear in the unknown and so on.
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