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  1. the gravy packet is actually labeled gluten free from the health food store here, found it today, anyone know anything else about caramel (like candy) or root beer? I'm not a big soda drinker but i love root beer floats. . . Thanks Raquel
  2. I've read and seen on lists that caramel coloring contains gluten, I just bought a packet of Gluten Free Gravy mix that contained Caramel Coloring in it, so is there a difference or a good and bad version. Also if there is a difference is all caramel bad too? and what about like sodas with caramel coloring?? I don't know if I can live w/out caramel or root beer!! Thanks! Raquel
  3. Thanks for all the great tips and advice, my boyfriend won't eat g.f. pasta though, i've tried that, he doesn't request that i make him separate meals i just do cuz he does a lot for me, he helps me out a lot financially and is really supportive of me most of the time, sometimes i just like to do something nice for him. It's so easy for me to cheat becuase unless i eat a lot of wheat like a peice of bread i don't feel any symptoms, after a while though i get really run down and weak and i know i've had to much. sometimes i wish i did get really sick so i would stick to it better. Any tips for eating out?? thanks again! Raquel How do I get to that Amanda's Mommy's Blog?? I'd like to check that out?? Thanks!
  4. I don't mean to make my boyfriend sound like an incensitive jerk, he really isn't, I think it's just as hard for him to cope with this as it is for me, we try to make meals that we can both eat, it's stuff like pasta dishes, (alfredo, spaghetti) and stuff like that that i have to make two kinds of noodles for. I felt like I was doing really good for a while, but it always seems like i find something else that I can't have. Also I really like the Ener-G White Rice Bread, and every store in the city i live in all of a sudden stopped ordering it, i've talked to one of them and they are supposed to be getting some in, but we'll see. all that stuff is so expensive, they really need to work on making this diet affordable!! anyway thanks again for listening and responding. Raquel
  5. thank you for all the great replies and suggestions, it's good to know that there are other people who are living this way and that it is possible, it's hard giving up a way of life you're used to and changing your favorite foods, and giving them up. I give all of you a ton of credit! I'll definetly try harder and search for more ideas. Can anyone tell me if there is a certain amount that is okay, such as a season packet that contains modified food starch, by the time you use that in a food is there such a minute trace that it probably wouldn't hurt, or is even that little bit too much?? any info would be great, thank you all for your time and ideas, I really appreciate it and keep them coming please!! Thanks, Raquel
  6. these are all helpful, but it's things like cream of mushroom soup, that i used to use to make casseroles, and other cream soups, the simplicity of throwing in a pizza, breaded foods like chicken nuggets and cheese curds, all the things i love. My boyfriend and I live together and he's not very understanding at all, he buys and eats what he wants, if I cook i have to make two seperate meals, one gluten free and one regular. we also eat out a lot (more than we should) and that is so hard too, it's such a hard disease to live with after growing up eating whatever i wanted to. My family is very supportive, but they all live 2-3 hours away now. I try to buy fresh fruits and veggies, but they don't last long and I usually only get to the store once every two weeks when I get paid. I have a busy fast paced job and am usually exhausted when i get home from work, so it's hard to cook meals that are fast, easy and gluten free. Everyone says oh it must be a good diet not eating bread and pasta, but like you said so many junk foods are gluten free, i find that that's all i eat lately cuz it's easier thank cooking. I used to love to cook for my family, now the thought of cooking depresses me, especially holiday meals. I think the hardest thing is not having anyone to talk to about it, i don't know anyone else w/ the disease, no one else seems to understand, they all say the same thing. I'm glad i found this website though, it makes me feel better to talk to other people coping with this and get help and ideas. Thank you to everyone who listens and replies. Thanks, Raquel
  7. I have been Gluten free for 2 years now, and I find it harder and harder to find foods that are actuallly Gluten Free, it seems impossible to actually stay away from everything w/ gluten in it. Yesterday I just realized that miracle whip and just about every salad dressing has gluten in it. I literally cry when I go grocery shopping, I live in a somewhat small city and don't have a lot of options for where to shop, I'm also fresh out of colllege and on a VERY TIGHT BUDGET, I need help and I'm not sure what to do anymore, anyone w/ suggestions would be very helpful. They sure don't make things easy for us do they?? Thanks, Raquel
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